The Ultimate GoPro Hero5 Overview - Everything You Need to Know
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The Ultimate GoPro Hero5 Overview – Everything You Need to Know

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Today I want to introduce to you the Hero 5 and show you 7 features that are different from the Hero 4:

WATERPROOF: – The first feature people will notice is that the hero 5 is completely waterproof to about 30’ right out of the box. This is fantastic news. The biggest problem I’ve had with the hero4 is that it’s best used out of the waterproof case. Yet, if you’re doing anything that risks getting it a bit wet, then you risk fogging the camera up too. Now, that’s not a problem. The concern was the optics when pointing into the sun. To be honest, I could not really see a difference. If any, it’s very small.

Audio: I was excited to test this feature. First, if you are a seasoned GoPro user, you know that you basically get no usable audio when it’s in the casing. However, if you take it out of the housing, it’s amazing audio. In fact, if you have a chesty or headmount on, you’ll likely never need extra audio. In a few simple tests I couldn’t exactly see that the hero5 is better. But, it is waterproof with great audio. However, the hero5 is doing some funny things inside automatically. It’s trying to automatically switch back and forth between either stereo or wind reduction modes. This is when the audio is set to HIGH Processing. In my opinion, letting the camera do this does mess up your sound a bit. I’m guessing that with more practice I’ll learn when to switch between modes manually. Also, one thing I’ve rarely noticed with the hero4, that’s probably partly due to the new design, is that it picked up my handling of the mounts a lot.

Touchscreen: First of all, it’s really nice to have this standard, and not a pack that you have to add afterwards. It doesn’t stay on all the time. After a minute or so it will turn off to save power. You can tap the screen to keep in on. It’s not quite as advanced as your iPhone, but it’s as good as it needs to be and makes it easy to navigate the options.

Voice Commands: I love this and have had almost no problems with it. It makes is so nice to have these as you’re out shooting, especially in conditions that are harsh – ie, the greatest times to shoot with the GoPro!

Menu System: The Hero 5 has all the same menu items as the 4, but in a simplified setup. You have video mode, which will allow you do to video, video and photo, and looping modes. Photo mode – for photos, night photos and bursts. And timelapse mode – for timelapse video, timelapse photo, and nightlapse photo. Plus, each comes with a description if you forget what it is. Very handy. Swipe from the top for wifi connection and preferences. Swipe from the left to see your media. Tap the top to delete clips.

Image stabilization: Here is how it works, in the camera it reduces vibration and shake. Mount this to a car or something shaky and you’re going to get natural vibration. It used to make shots unusable. With it on, it will crop in 10%, but it reduces the shake. It makes it very nice.

RAW pictures: This is going to blow your mind! Check this out. Now, when you’re in photo mode you swipe from the right either manipulate your preferences in protunes, here. you can use WDR – wide dynamic range creates jpg images, or you can use RAW format, that turns off WDR. The files come out as .gpr files here and you can’t just open them up in any program – I found that out. I had to update my Lightroom CC package. There are a few other programs you can use. I’m sure this will change in the future.

Here is a link to updates on GoPro’s Raw pictures:

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23 Replies to “The Ultimate GoPro Hero5 Overview – Everything You Need to Know”

  1. Great review. I already purchased the 5 a couple months back and always looking for new info or perspectives on making the most of it. Keep the reviews coming please!

  2. RAW during time-lapse would be great. Puzzling that it's not offered. Even if there is a minimum processing time restriction on the interval. eg time-lapse RAW only for intervals > 5 seconds. Fingers crossed for the features to be added in a firmware update.

  3. I've got my doubts about the "waterproofing" of the gopro. It might keep the water out when gently lowered into water, but what about the sudden increase in pressure on the covers when jumping into water, getting wiped out while surfing, etc ? Because that's what people will be doing with their gopros, and I can forsee some upset owners in the future. I've read the online manual but cannot see anything about IP ratings ….anything in the box ? or any warnings about avoiding sudden water pressure increases ? And bearing in mind the Karma fiasco I'm not sure about gopro's quality control either.

  4. I think if you set the audio to low it will record all three microphones and spit out three tracks for you to pick and choose from in post.

  5. AMAZING JOB !!! Thank you sir !!!! Love everything, just dissapointed no RAW for timelapse. That's a real bummer. Think they will update that? Is that even a possibility or will it have to be in a new model ?

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