This GoPro 6 GIMBAL is AWESOME! Feiyutech G5
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This GoPro 6 GIMBAL is AWESOME! Feiyutech G5

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FeiyuTech G5 Gimbal:

GoPro 6:


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48 Replies to “This GoPro 6 GIMBAL is AWESOME! Feiyutech G5”

  1. I will be buying a g5 but I have a Gopro hero 4 and I want to take videos that are not going to be a wide angle shot so how can I fix that – what kind of settings is the best to take a medium to normal angle shot on gopro hero 4, because currently the camera is in a really wide angle @Jeven Dovey

  2. Cool vid man, i just got the G5 ! Also this vid gives me flashbacks when i was on holiday touring the west coast. I was driving around with these scooters in Santa Monica alot! And recognize all the places ur driving great memories! And lots of fun! Great vid man thx

  3. A stabiliser on already stabilised set of wheels is cheating. To actually test a stabiliser you have to at least walk or run with it.

  4. I think you can get around the fact that it blocks the Mode button in Normal position by using it in reverse position. You won't get upside down footage!

  5. there is an easy trick! you can easily put the gopro hero 5 into this gimball in another orientation so that the lens is located on the relative inside of the gimbal and the on-button is pointing down relative to the gimbal. The Hero 5 has a feature that will automatically flip the camera footage into the correct oriëntation even when it is upside down. that way you have your mode-button on the outside. and your footage is in normal orientation.

  6. Hello,,
    I just wonder if this gimbal is so smooth as the Osmo Mobile 2.
    I bought a Osmo Mobile 2 , a month ago, that I use quite often with my Samsung S8, and I get really smooth videos with it (while walking and running for example).

    I bought a Gopro Hero 6 a few week ago, and I tested it with a selfie stick…and the result is not too bad (thanks to the stabilzation system of the Gopro)… but I think a gimbal could give me much more quality. But, when i look at the reviews about the G5, I do have some doubts regarding this gimbal. Can you give me some advice ? Would it be useful to get a second gimbal like de G5 for my Gopro ? I am afraid of being disappointed because of the comparison with the Omso Mobile 2.

    (sorry for my english… I'm french speaking).
    Thank you for your help.

  7. How do you eliminate the motor noise? Or is that even possible? Ive recorded some videos and the noise is frustrating. If anybody has recommendations please let me know. Thank you!!

  8. Nothing is going on at the moment,, its 10pm here in uk.. so I am just watching some random videos// apart from that… nothing is big GOING ON… Hope that answers your question 😛

  9. for power, cant you just flip the go pro upside down so the pwoer button is facing outward? Go Pro will rotate itself right/

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