This PC is Cooler Than You - Corsair One (Deuce)
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This PC is Cooler Than You – Corsair One (Deuce)

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Thanks to CORSAIR for sponsoring this CES 2019 content!
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37 Replies to “This PC is Cooler Than You – Corsair One (Deuce)”

  1. i thought hyper threading was a standard since 1990s when it first came out. can you go over that part of the development through the years and why doesnt everything have it, or not have it, or whatever . thanks.

  2. I wish Corsair had called it the "Deuce". Picture the CEO standing in front of an audience and saying Corsair is dropping a deuce. I love it when a company shows that it has a sense of humour.

  3. Did he just say there was internal push back on the Duce? Ouch!

    Also the guy with glasses in the background was picking his nose.

  4. All of these rigs are way overpriced.

    That being said, I am pretty impressed by how good a salesman Linus is. I can see why Corsair sponsored him for this.
    I'd say its a good deal for both LTT and Corsair.

  5. These are really cool setups. I was really looking at the older gen $2000 one but I ended up taking advantage of a pretty decent Alienware holiday sale and got the components I wanted with a 2TB PCI NvME SSD for less than I could have built it. The new Corsair line up is editions make me drool. I just can’t afford them.

  6. Make a video about your CES coverage workflow, about shooting, pre- and postproduction. That would be amazing, thanks!

  7. i have the Corsair One Elite (purchased in Feb of last year) and i absolutely love it.
    no, it was not cheap*, but I was going to build my own PC with the exact same specs anyway.
    i did the math, and at the time of purchase, there was a roughly $300 price difference.
    i was happy to pay it in exchange for the footprint/form factor, the silence, and the custom dual water cooled CPU and GPU.
    obviously this is a high end rig, but if you price out the parts it's honestly not that outrageous when you think about what you get for the money.

    the $5,000 model is fucking crazy prices tho, but for the people who can toss around that kind of cash, i'd wager it's easily worth it.

    (* plz note that i am a poor and it took a major tragedy in my life to be able to pay for this computer so plz don't hit me w the 'ya but you're rich' argument)

  8. Quiet – Fast – Small

    Pick any two for a lower budget computer. This computer is for people that want all three, hence the premium.

  9. I have been really been wanting a pc but my parents do not trust me to build one is there anyway I can get a decent system for 500 prebuilt? Thanks

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