Top 10 BEST THIEVES Caught On Camera! (Smartest Robberies & Pickpockets)
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Top 10 BEST THIEVES Caught On Camera! (Smartest Robberies & Pickpockets)

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Top 10 BEST THIEVES Caught On Camera! (Smartest Robberies & Pickpockets)
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10. Man swaps $28,000 diamond with fake in jewelry store:
9. The Best Bank Robbers Ever:
8. Smartest thief in the world:
7. $4.8M in gold bars stolen in armored truck heist on highway:
6. the best pickpocket in the world Apollo Robbins:
4. Man Steals Bucket Carrying $1.6 Million in Gold Flakes:
3. Bank Heist using Helicopter:
2. $180K in gold allegedly stolen from the Mint:
1. Professional jewelry store:

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36 Replies to “Top 10 BEST THIEVES Caught On Camera! (Smartest Robberies & Pickpockets)”

  1. This guy in elementary school kept stealing my lego star wars figures. I caught him. The school doesn't give two Sh*ts about stealing though. He didn't even get in trouble.

  2. I used to steal all the time and would get away with it, I gotta admit, some of the loot was pretty great, y’know? But some of the other stuff was just weird I mostly stole for my anger, but then one time I got caught after stealing from someone who was smarter than I presumed. I would always break locks and could get into lockers with a little trick. Anyways, I realized the damn path I was on and pussied out and now I’m a Sergeant in the Washoe County PD catching other people like I used to be

  3. Bro number 5 reminds me of the robbery u do in GTA 5 where u Rob a julery store and your get away vehicles are dirtbikes and u gas out the store person at the cash register that is CRAZY

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