Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas DETAILED Hotel Review
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Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas DETAILED Hotel Review

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A DETAILED Video Review of the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Hotel. This former Mandarin Oriental property was rebranded as the Waldorf Astoria in August 2018, part of the Hilton family of hotels. The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas has 389 Guest Rooms — all of them with a soaking tub. Floors 2 – 22 of the hotel are the guest rooms. Floors 24 to 47 are the condos. Room rates vary wildly as is typical for Las Vegas hotels — you’ll find them for as low as $200, but upwards of $600 on busy weekends or when conventions are in town, or $800 on New Years Eve. We stayed on Dec 29 — paid rates were $700+ — we used 80,000 Hilton Points. It’s a non-gaming, non-smoking property — a breathe of fresh air in Vegas.


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37 Replies to “Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas DETAILED Hotel Review”

  1. That whole complex is for rich snobs….I highly doubt you would ever get that room for $200.  The pool looks like a glorified bath tub.  Rich snobs don't like gambling or smoking so why do they even visit Las Vegas?  I wouldn't pay extra for any of that crap anyway.  A warm mini bar and a pillow in a box?  What a joke!

  2. That's a $ 100 room in Bangkok…many $ 75 Bangkok hotel rooms have Totos.

    I'm pretty sure that was distilled water for the iron…demineralized water prevents deposits from forming and clogging up the innards of the iron (and also prevents mineral brown spots from spotting on a shirt during ironing).

  3. The Vdara is Much Nicer, bigger rooms…plus, if you play the MyVEGAS Slots IPhone/IPad games, you can pretty easily collect enough loyalty points with little or no money spent to get 2 nights free (well free, plus the $44 resort fee…)

  4. I love your LV videos, keep them up. LV is my absolute favorite destination, we try to go every month. Just so much to explore and I love the atmosphere. Completely obsessed with LV. Thank you!

  5. Being that this was the Mandarin Oriental just a few months ago, they still have everything Mandarin Oriental in there except the name/logo. That's why there is a Chinese foot spa. Stayed at The Mandarin in Vegas 3 times, and it will be missed, but will try the new rebranded hotel next time I stay in Vegas.

  6. Is Walgreen's still there, or did CVS take over Walgreen's? It's been awhile since I've been there. (I had no idea what was in the box.) What is the most Tophers a hotel can get?

  7. LOL did you accidentally purchase that champagne when you lifted it? Also, what is on the 23 floors between the entrance and the lobby?

  8. This is the review I was looking for! Glad it's up!

    I was able to go to the restaurant and Tea Room at the Mandarin. Both great experiences! I might have to stay at the hotel proper sometime. I'm hoping the mattress is as comfortable as the ones at the Aria. Those were the most comfortable I ever slept on, EVER! Vdara is a close second 🙂


  9. Great video! You guys should do a review of the Cosmopolitan! My friends and I are thinking about staying there this Spring.

  10. Go to Marriot Grand Chateau instead across the street, bigger rooms cheaper, full kitchen FREE valet-parking. I was going to booked for new year's 2019 at Waldorf Astoria I'm glad I didn't. Marriot Grand Chateau is now a favorite for me.

  11. Great review! I definitely would not want to pay several hundred dollars to stay there, but it would be really nice on a discount! I'm glad to see that there was some bamboo for Topher!

  12. Even at $200 a night, why would you pay that, been a while since I've been there but we payed something like $50 a night max at the more common places. $200 a night is not what I'd call easy on the wallet for a room no matter the comforts. If you've got the money then great, but for your AVG person this kind of money isn't even close to being a reasonable price for a room imo

  13. 3:00 recommend 'The David Lee Roth' pack at the CVS for any 3-day weekends!

    Variety pack of Doritos, condoms and a bottle of anything. Nice accessory to have on The Strip!

  14. $700 a night, are you out of your mind??? Never understood why people pay so much for a place to sleep. I wouldnt pay $200.00 a night. Im so glad i live here and dont have to rent a hotel room. Even when we didnt live here i was staying at flamingo or treasure for $60 a night i mean why do people pay so much to sleep??? Just doesnt make any sense

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