What's in my Camera Bag for Shooting Wedding Films
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What’s in my Camera Bag for Shooting Wedding Films

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30 Replies to “What’s in my Camera Bag for Shooting Wedding Films”

  1. I'm confused about why you refer to Video fluid heads as "Ball Heads"… I didn't see a ball head in your bag. I saw a Manfroto 500av, and what looked like a 502, and the fluid pan on the bottom of the monopod, but couldn't see a "Ball Head" anywhere in your kit. Did I miss something?

  2. hi, i want to start shooting weddings, have some gear already but now i am thinking about stabilization. if you could buy only one of those glidecam or a monopod what would it be?

  3. Kraig :Hello, I just recently got through your channel. You have a nice set of gears in there. Can you please give a little details about the support roller bag with which you started the video. It's a very organised bag. I'd love to get one. Already subscribed to your channel.

  4. I would add a shoe mounted rechargable LED fill light, or an LED ring light for close portraits, and also a wireless lav kit.

  5. Get an OM-D EM1 MkII and the 12-100 F4 (24-200mm equivalent) and leave all that heavy gear behind. With 6.5 stops of IBIS you can do everything you need nice and smooth handheld!

  6. You actually shouldn't have the battery in the camera. Its not really that bad but if you leave it in there for more than like 2 weeks without turning it on it can ruin the battery and battery port.

  7. Just bought the black version of this bag because of your video's! Thanks for all the effort you put in this video's!:)

  8. Hi Kraig, I am from India and as you might guess, the weddings here are very different than in the US. I didn't understand what you mean by 1st Shooting, 2nd Shooting etc. Can you please help me understand?

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