Wirecast 6 Tutorial - Use Your GoPro with Wirecast
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Wirecast 6 Tutorial – Use Your GoPro with Wirecast

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Looking for another camera source for Wirecast? Maybe you’re traveling and don’t want to take a lot of bulky camera gear. The GoPro can be used to capture a room or zoom in on a one-person interview.

I talk about my setup into the computer, what you need to do to adjust the camera, then how to set up a scene so you don’t see the fisheye.

Additionally, I am using the Motrr Galileo mount as a robotic gimbal to move the camera.

Get the GoPro HERO4:
Get the Galileo Motrr:


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16 Replies to “Wirecast 6 Tutorial – Use Your GoPro with Wirecast”

  1. Good video, thanks. I have GoPro 6 and want to use this with Wirecast. Anyone tried that on PC? What capture device to use? I would prefer something with USB-C as I try to stay with this standard where ever possible, as it works with my MAC and my PC.

  2. Hi Jeff, i tried this, however i used the BM Intensity Shuttle for USB, i didn't work. I this there another thing that i missed? Thanks

  3. Hi, everything word with my gopro 4. But how you do to charge the gopro and in the same time to stream ? Because each time i do it (stream + charge), this message display on the screen : USB connected camera files accessible. Thanks for your help

  4. Jerry Garcia hey there, thanks for the helpful video. How would I go about connecting multiple GoPro's? Would I just need to acquire a multiple input switcher?

  5. Hello,
    I would like to know how to work with Wirecast with 02 monitors, as follows:
    main monitor for the software and prevew.
    second monitor to live.
    Thank you

  6. Hi, im trying to configure the ELGATO CAPTURE HD into wirecast 7 or 6, but it looks they doesnt recognize that video capturer. Any idea?? thanks!

  7. Thanks for the helpful uploads! Would you happen to know if you can run multiple gopro cameras at the same time for a live stream production?

  8. How to turn off the internal mic on Gopro 3+ silver from picking up sound?.
    Blackbagic/mini recorder – wirecast 6.0.7 – macbook pro – GoPro 3+ silver

  9. It was annonced that GoPro could be used wirelessly when the 4 came out. Still nothing. Too bad, because Wirecast 6 can manage Ipad, iPhone and other iPod external cameras.

  10. Great video, as always. How do you like the GoPro Hero 4 Black edition? The quality here looks similar to a Logitech C920.

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