Yi 4k+ Action (Voice Control,240 Slow-mo, EIS,...) Yi 4K. It's Better Than Gopro Hero 5 !!!
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Yi 4k+ Action (Voice Control,240 Slow-mo, EIS,…) Yi 4K. It’s Better Than Gopro Hero 5 !!!

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The Game of Action cameras has been something that Gopro has been dominating for sometime, Yi upped the game last year with the Action 4k Camera last year and this year did it again with 4k 60fps for 339 in the US. Gotta love it. hope you enjoy my unboxing and comparison to last years model

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48 Replies to “Yi 4k+ Action (Voice Control,240 Slow-mo, EIS,…) Yi 4K. It’s Better Than Gopro Hero 5 !!!”

  1. While at 4K 30fps (YI 4K Plus) with Gyro on Hand Held, when I tested it running for a
    short distance the camera makes a clicking or like something is shaking
    inside. I noticed it when I replayed the video that I recorded.

  2. Wait so this camera DOES NOT have voice control? It’s the deciding factor on whether I decide to purchase it or not. Can someone please confirm?

  3. thanks! For the review on Yi 4k and plus review. It really something to consider when investing on action camera rather then the go pro.I was wondering since you used both of these models for a while have ever try ADIKA Waterproof Housing with Touch Screen in real life situations? This brand allows you touch the screen while underwater rather the Yi water proof model you couldn't.

  4. one of the best review for this litle 4k+ ! —> more questions :
    # 0 Is it possible to control this action cam via scripting thru usb/wifi instead the yi applet ?
    #1 Is it possible to stream the video flux in the intranet with rtsp (or other protocol) via usb and /or wifi to a server or vlc in full hd ? and what about respective latency ?
    #2 About spare parts : are they expensive and easy to find ?

    Because i wana add cmount, remove screen add external cell ….

    thanks for your help 😉

  5. Hi, great review! I'm interested in buying a YI 4k plus but wondering if you could answer a question… I know it has the ability to auto loop record so I could be used as a dashcam, do you know if it can auto start/stop?

  6. For god sick nobody talk or review the bloody the most high speed setting..?! What is the most FPS in what resolution..?
    We all know its 4K/60 .. what about 1080..?

  7. Wonder if there is just a DIY waterproofing a case and adding a wind barrier while you are at the insides the yi 4k plus lol

  8. Hello all,I just got my new 4k +.Do you hear any small"scratch" noise from the speaker after you turn off the camera?I don't hear it on 4k.Please share your experience to know if something is wrong.Thank you all,

  9. After updating my 4K+ to firmware 1.1.26 I noticed a "plopping" sound from the speaker every time I turn off the camera. Can you confirm this? When I downgrade to 1.0.18 the noise is gone.

  10. Hi there, great video!!! I am comparing the Garmin Virb Ultra 30 and the YI 4K+ since the Garmin had the ability to connect a bluetooth mic, the voice recognition is fantastic and the water proof case is touchscreen and the quality of the video is great. The price of the Garmin is higher so I am wondering if the YI 4K+ will have these options soon. And honestly speaking, which will you recommend to somebody like me that is not too much into the best video quality? I would appreciate your comments and thanks a lot again for the review.

  11. I recently got the YI 4k plus. Everything works fine, the sd card, the settings the photo's the raw files, etc. But when I take a video in ''any setting'' 4k at 60 fps or Hd in 120 fps, and when I look back at them on my computer, the video looks great in like 1/3 of the screen but when in full screen it looks like its captured in 720p. What's the problem that this might can cause?

  12. So, basically the Yi+ only has better resolution on screen and 60fps on Ultra 4K? I don't see the full 4k mode on the menu maybe you did it too fast thu? is it work for almost $200 more. I might get 2 of Yi then. Oh, can we adjust adjusted picture color profile or one way to go btw? thanks

  13. Yi has just responded to my latest support ticket informing me that it will now be a 3rd month until we see Live Streaming which they boasted as a feature of the Yi 4k plus. this is the second full month delay. I don't think owners are going to see this feature anytime soon.

  14. Why do you have Apple, Android and Windows logos on your desktop? Where's the Linux Penguin?

    Question.. How do you propose using an external mic whilst it's on the gimbal?

  15. HI is it possible to power on the camera in wifi mode, does it remember the last settings? the reason i ask is because i wish to use it as a bird box camera and control it by applying power to stream the video.

  16. Is it possible to power on the camera in wifi mode with an external power supply so i can control it by switching power on and off but in wifi mode without touching the camera ( bird box camera)

  17. The big disadvantage compared to any Gopro this is not so comfortable to control it when it is in a waterproof case 🙁

  18. Do you feel difference between yi 4k and 4k+ after month? i think which i should buy: yi 4k+(price and i hope quality) or sony x3000 (boss system, dynamic range etc)?

  19. Hi! Could you tell me which memory card you use for the camera YI 4K+? I have this camera YI 4K+, I iserted memory card, but in High quality 4k 60fps camera said that memory card is slow. Please tell me which card is best for this camera. Thank you very much!!!

  20. I have a Samsung Micro SDXC Class 10 UHS3. It's not on the recommended list, but it meets the requirements, exceeds them even, so I'm hoping it will work. When I ordered the camera and sd card I didn't know there was a recommended list on the back of the box 🙁 This Samsung card is supposed to have 100mbs write time though.  On amazon It's called "Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card with Adapter (MB-ME128GA/AM)"
    Anyone know if it will work?

  21. Great video and such an impressive little camera. Just got mine and also posted an unboxing with some 4K 60fps test footage slowed down to 30fps. Beats the Hero 5 hands down 🙂

  22. I am planning to use a Yi camera on a Zhiyun Gimbal for mountainbiking.
    Should I get the Yi 2 or Yi 2+ ? (especially considering the (often
    kinda) lowlight situations in the woods.

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