15 Sarcastic Tips to Become a Successful YouTuber
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15 Sarcastic Tips to Become a Successful YouTuber

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Wanna become a YouTube star? Millions of subscribers, tons of positive comments — a real YouTube sensation! What new blogger wouldn’t want all that? Here’s a list of tips for how to win over the hearts of millions of people online. It’s not so difficult to create cool videos, build your own brand and turn viewers into subscribers! Attention, Bright Siders! Don’t take this video seriously if you want to succeed. For that, you have to do just the opposite!

Quantity is quality 0:48
Post at 2 a.m. 1:26
Lie extensively 1:54
Steal from other bloggers 2:38
Criticize others. A lot 3:30
Be controversial 4:26
Make your videos long. Really long 5:03
Clickbait for the win! 5:37
Quality sound is highly overrated 6:08
Never mind the image quality either! 7:10
Experiment with design: the more, the merrier 7:53
The way you present your content doesn’t really matter 9:06
Everyone loves “impromptu” ads 9:40
Spoilers work fine too 10:21
Don’t do any research on how to promote your blog 10:54

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– It doesn’t matter what your content looks like — just post extensively.
– Don’t even consider doing any research on when your target audience is mostly active online or when other (less) successful channels post.
– Use YouTube as your own parallel universe where you’re an expert in things you have no clue about.
– You can go as greedy as can be and just steal from one blog, video after video, idea after idea.
– There’s no such thing as a YouTube community. Never cooperate with other bloggers — just hate on them!
– To win the attention of the world, disagree with everyone on the most basic things. Tell them Earth is flat just to stand out and be different.
– Probably the best way to win the hearts of millions of people is by abusing clickbait. Name your video “You’ll Be Shocked to Find Out Beyoncé’s Childhood Secret” and talk about garden gnome sales instead.
– If you do the filming, don’t even bother using a good microphone or recording the sound separately.
– Are you filming your own footage? Well, please don’t invest in a real camera or tripod. Your phone in selfie mode will do fine.
– Don’t try to create your unique style and stick to a set of fonts and video effects.
– The best thumbnail for your video is whatever random screenshot YouTube automatically chooses for you.
– When your blog gets a few thousand followers (which is guaranteed to happen if you follow these tips, of course), spoil your audience with impromptu ads.
– Are you focusing on book or movie reviews? Make sure you mention all the plot twists, tragic deaths, and unexpected love stories.
– Don’t do any research on how to promote your blog. Keywords and all that SEO (search engine optimization, in case you were wondering) were clearly invented by someone boring who knew nothing about how the internet works.

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