1. Content is good but the narrator is stressing me out. I like his voice but he just needs to calm it down or unfortunately you will loose subscribers.

  2. im getting the feeling theyre not reading the comments
    its a shame cause i loved this channel but this person makes me feel like theyre doing an "Extra Extra!" yell and i cant follow along at all

  3. The Alyssa Lamb story has always creeped me out…I have no idea what happened to her, why she was acting like she was..or how she got into that tank. The elevator cctv footage is extremely disturbing.

  4. Princess Diana was killed by her own people. The queen wanted her dead because she knew too much. Planet earth is a prison. I hate governments law enforcement & politicians.

  5. Dude, you don't have to rush through it and you don't have to yell. It's ok. Calm down. Woosah. Goosfraba.
    Like, I can't blame your mic or my volume. I hear panic in your voice. Chiiiiiillllll.

  6. Love the channel and I dont care to say it but I dont enjoy the way you Read them off sorry . You speak a little to excited to fast it kind like your yelling them out it the opposite of chills who reads them all monotone you Reed them all excited.

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