‘60s Indy 500 Go Kart Barn Find!
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‘60s Indy 500 Go Kart Barn Find!

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Ike just bought our oldest project to date- a vintage go kart from the early 1960s called the Crue Cut Indy 500. We can’t find much information online about this barn find go kart, but we love the formula racing styling. It currently has a 3 horsepower Tecumseh engine that we try to get running, but we’re sure that it isn’t the original engine on this vintage go kart.

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31 Replies to “‘60s Indy 500 Go Kart Barn Find!”

  1. i had an old tecumseh like that on a snowblower i got for $20 with a seized engine at a yard sale and I popped the head and filled it with PB blaster let it set for a day mopped it out ans its been running for 5 years. burns a little oil but Flatheads are indestructible i think

  2. I appreciate your videos John and ike. you 2 are awesome and I love your videos. gives me something to enjoy watching and sitting back and think on my builds. and more to come. I want to meet you all sometime. wish lived a bit closer to each other but I live all the way in missouri. may God bless us all good. 🙂

  3. That thing is so sick.. That should be an easy mold , you'll need a loose piece to get the nose but everything else looks like a straight pull.

  4. I can get you guys Yamaha RD 350 and 400cc twins for a shifter cart out of that thing. But, you would have to build a better frame and suspension..

  5. I used to have a mini bike with the 5 inch threaded plumber pipe, throws a wicked little blue flame, and firecracker deceleration……no brakes, throttle cable with no sheath, one hand frame pull! Never even considered the danger!

  6. I think with all the engine restorations, rebuilds, and repairs it's time to build a engine stand. It would make it safer and easier to start and repair them. You could even have a weighted flywheel on the stand that could test the power of the engines. Just add a simple laser tachometer and you could do some really cool testing on the engines. Just a thought

  7. making a mold on that kart is a great idea! an old 2 stroke on the original would be cool and it would free up some room you can find good ones on snow blowers or you could get a vintage race motor but they are pricey

  8. It came with a 5hp Briggs and Stratton. No I dont know. But that is exactly what you should put on it. Maybe weld some braces or Gussets in the corners. And yes Do put some Nice pretty Craiger looking wheels on it that will make it look bad ass or full race indy style. And some slicks too so it looks Indy. Because those wheels and tires SUCK that it has right now. It also needs a new modern live axle with all new bearings too and a torque converter. New modern tie rods so yo dont kill yourself. When you get done with it. It will be worth a few thousand for sure then. But all that old junky crap is not going to cut the mustard as far as safety and function. The body is what makes it look old cool vintage but it needs mechanicals updated to be safe and sound.

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