Actors Who Were Infamously Fired After Cameras Started Rolling
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Actors Who Were Infamously Fired After Cameras Started Rolling

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Just because an actor has landed their next big role doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to make it to the big screen. Some of Hollywood’s biggest actors have been kicked off projects for any number of reasons, from egotistical feuds to executive meddling to frustrations with the direction the movie is taking. One way or another, here are a few actors who were fired after filming began.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme | 0:21
Holly Hunter | 1:28
Richard Gere | 2:23
James Purefoy | 3:12
Dougray Scott | 4:15

39 Replies to “Actors Who Were Infamously Fired After Cameras Started Rolling”

  1. Yeah but Jean Claude Van Damme's suit in Predator wasn't the same suit that we know now it had a stupid long neck and bird like head that bounced awkwardly when he walked and even more when upon jumping. It was also mostly all bright red with no detail. So they could film the predator cloaking in the jungle. They all realised it wasn't working, especially with J.C doing martial arts moves and being much smaller than the rest of the cast. So everthing was re-designed & Kevin Peter Hall being 7ft tall and Stan Winston's re-designed Predator suit made for an awsome predator. Fun fact Kevin Pete Hall plays the Chopper pilot at the end of the movie. It's all on the special edition dvd.

  2. PREDATOR: To be fair. The original suit was a red lobster /alien suit. This terrible design shut down production a good course of the way into filming. The reason he was fired was because they needed somebody taller to be in the new Predator suit which brought the filming back on track

  3. van damme gave up the role , they didnt fire him and as a sign of good will he asked the production if they needed help with anything else except the predator.

  4. You neglected to mention that the original Predator suit Van Damme wore was a ridiculous bright red outfit shaped like an insect.

  5. Other channels have done the same video as this one! Sometimes I get the feeling of Deja Vu! So I'm giving this a thumbs down! I also have noticed Watch Mojo and Top 5's have been recycling videos too!

  6. Yeah thank God Disney at the rights for Fox rights for making their movies that's a little poem for them for other mutant movies with the X-Men that's a good thing.

  7. Don't forget about Stuart Townsend as Aragorn in The Lord of The Rings. He was miss casted and replaced by Viggo Mortensen

  8. I always understood the early errors/costume problems, at the beginning of production of Predator, combined with the green lighting, of production for Bloodsport, lead to JCVD quitting (via "having issues" with that first disaster of a costume)??

    Can you imagine if the producers, and director, of Predator, decided to tough it out regarding that very first (shite) costume of the main villan, the Predator? LMAO!!

  9. I think James Purefoy would have made a better V. Hugo Weaving did a good job, but I just don't know… If you've ever heard James Purefoy speak with his welsh accent, it's like butter… I love James Purefoy though so I might be biased (I also like Hugo Weaving a lot, but just not as much)

  10. As usual, the title is mis-leading.  Most of the actors you mention weren't fired.  They quit do to creative differences or other difficulties

  11. Eric Stoltz being fired from Back to the Future as the original Marty McFly was the biggest F you as he had filmed half the movie before hiring Michael J Fox

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