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Coming Out

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Music – Wallpaper by Kevin MacLeod (

End card by the impossibly talented Grimbleism –

Song during end card – Good Thymes (Ray Charles Remix – Opiuo (Used with permission)

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37 Replies to “Coming Out”

  1. I'm coming here from 2019. I just want to say that your the most inspiring person and you've inspired me and so many others. Thanks you for being so brave. You music has helped me through some tough times and I truly thank you so much for that. We love you. I love you. Thank you so much, Troye!

  2. Troye i still watch this vid in 2019. Seriously, u make me happier and more confident abt myself, my gender than ever. Tks for ur coming out, tks for ur music, tks for ur vlogs so so much. Seriously, i love u so much. /wink/

  3. This video helped me soooooo much! He is comfort able in his own body I'm so proud of him! He has made it so far in 2019. Lol I'm bisexual and have not come out to my family but all of my friends know

  4. Troye I'm such a big fan I'm 12 yrs old and am bisexual I am having trouble coming out to my family you are such an inspiration to me I love you

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