How I Self-Shoot: 5 Tips and Gear Suggestions
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How I Self-Shoot: 5 Tips and Gear Suggestions

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Self-shooting, or “shooting yourself to tell your stories” can be a really efficient way of filmmaking if done right. I’m still practicing, but have found a few things that have really helped me get the best footage. Here are a few things I do when I’m making stories…

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16 Replies to “How I Self-Shoot: 5 Tips and Gear Suggestions”

  1. Great video!! Maybe an idea would be that you can show some tips applied from some of us… there are a few of us that are applying this tips, so as a collaboration,you could show some of this work and analyze and help to make better… it would be great to see your tips applied from other peoples. Greetings from Chile

  2. Self shooting can be tough, especially with multi POVs. Most of the time I wish I had a cameraman. So much u can't do without one.

  3. Love the serie and if you need footage/graphics/photo or anything else ask. I can't support your work like a patreon but I want to help anyway

  4. I wanna go out and shoot and make videos, but I have a fear of being infront of camera and sometimes I am not confident about showing myself. I just feel like I look stupid :D. Is it just me? or all ? how to over come that if there was any good exercises. Also, how do you come up with the clips that you want when you want to tell a story or make a tutorial in general. I just don't know what to shoot or how to make it interesting. . . thank you Rob for the awesome videos.

  5. Great video, but did the Chernobyl music bleed in to the rest of the video? I was watching it and I thought I had another browser tab with music playing.

  6. I really enjoyed this! You gave me heaps of ideas to use with my army of cameras1 Now .. "all" I have to do is … get of my bum (butt) and do it! :0

  7. This series is by far the best idea! I have already started implementing some of the tips from last week and we've had some really amazing shots for an upcoming edit. Love this guys and I can't wait for next week!

  8. Great tips, great video! I’d love to collaborate with you guys, more like help out. Let me know if you are ever in Boston..

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