How the Pro's Mix Drywall Mud and Apply Tape (#2014)
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How the Pro’s Mix Drywall Mud and Apply Tape (#2014)

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I video my good friend Chad (professional taper) to show you how the Pro’s do drywall taping. Listen close because he works and talks fast…but tons of really good info! Even shows the proper order to tape.

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  1. Only two comments, I went all the way to the end of the video and never got to see a pro. And 2) after drywalling and plastering for thirty years, I only use nylon mesh, paper tape sux.
    It was nice to make a video for people but let's be real, this is almost a art. most people will never just pick up a trowel and will start laying it on right.. it takes a certain touch.
    I think some people should just stay in the office and let guys like these two, do the work for them!!

  2. Lop u take to long dump the water in it start the drill slow needs more dump it in smack the fking drill. Should just get a bazooka and some boxes angler roller and a glazer doing big jobs would take way to long.

  3. It don't matter if your'e going to be a pro as long as your having fun and nobody is ever going know about the big blobs on the floor.

  4. He forgot to mention this is the old school paper tape way. We do it different now but I belive the butt joints come out stronger this way. I never seen mud come in a box before. This has got to be a commercial job lol

  5. Great to watch a professional – but a point of safety: – don't have a knife in the back pocket, one slip off the steps and you lose your liver or a kidney – not nice…

  6. I'm an old timer; this guy is good. This is how I was taught the trade. Way back they didn't have Ready Mix mud. It was a powder and had to be mixed perfect or you would have lumps. I use to use the old hawk and trowel. The webbing tape is better. Later 8"- 12" inch knives were incorporated to do the bedding. The only fall back about the webbing tape is you can't use it in your angles. Still, have to use paper. I use to wear stilts. I was young and fast I could hang 250 ft roll of tape in 30 minutes. I have used bazookas, bed boxes, angle tools, nail spotters. It is good to watch a professional do it the old fashion way.

  7. I prefer to hit my seams/flats with my 8" knife once paper is initially on. That was until I realized that using mesh was faster and went have to worry about blisters. And I save a step/pass of two.

  8. This guy is great at what he does. Where did you get the hip clip for the tape roll? I've never seen one of those, that makes it real easy to go continuous. Great job dude.

  9. That guy is good. I find that once I get the whole house done I get pretty good at it but its not like riding a bike if you dont do it all the time there is no way you can get as good as he is. Notice his shirt and jeans have drywall mud on them. He didnt do that . He buys all his clothes at a special construction worker store. If your a really good drywall taper you have to buy clothes with the mud already on them. I didnt see him get any mud on his clothes so how else can you explain that. Hmmm I wonder what plumber clothes are covered in? Thanks for not ruining your video with music.

  10. I see Mexicans do this ten times faster and way more efficient.
    I never seen a white boy do dry wall in my life.
    They just own the business and hire 50 Mexicans $5.15 an hour to do the work.
    I've worked on every Amazon built on the East Coast, Disney World, Universal Studios, and various office buildouts in Miami, Orlando, and Buckhead.
    Show who the real heroes are, the Hispanics and Latinos who build EVERYTHING in America.

    America: Made In China. Assembled by Hispanics/Latinos.

  11. Not a bad video to show beginners who want to tape some joints at home. That 2' x 10' wall to his left should have been hung by the drywallers as a stand-up 10' ripper. There would be no joints for the finishers. Just extra work for both drywallers and finishers, sanders.

  12. this was a great demonstration. really really great to watch chad in action. just a tip; if you wear hard bottom shoes/boots you will feel about 40-50 less fatigue at the end of the day. second, and i dont know how you could do this but if you could show the blade running along the wall and empasize where the pressure is on the knife then you would have a super show. I really appreciate you fellas taking the time to do this video. well done!

  13. He's an amateur. At least 40% of the the drywall mud needs to end up on the floor, another 5% on the back of your arms and hands and another 1% in your hair! lol

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