How to earn 10,00,000 per month as a youtuber - Top 10 ways to earn money from Youtube in Bangla
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How to earn 10,00,000 per month as a youtuber – Top 10 ways to earn money from Youtube in Bangla

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Now a days youtube has became the greatest way to earn money online.It’s true that people have to work offline to create videos but they can earn a lot of revenue by sharing their videos in this youtube platform.Youtube is great with it’s awesome algorithm.It gives an awesome chance to new creators to take their channel higher.No creators or users know it’s algorithm.It’s a secret and it updates so quickly.

Youtube has created so many chances to earn money.Not only youtube’s monetization program,youtube has much more chances to earn money.The link you post in the description,you can post shortlinks there.So whenever anyone click the link you’ll earn a good revenue from it.Also you can create sponsored and paid videos by different companies and earn a lot from you.You can give affiliate link in the description while reviewing anything in your video and earn a good profit from it.Youtube gives you 55% of the revenue of monetization program to you.

I have shared top 10 ways to earn money from youtube in Bengali language in this video.This is a complete course and this is the 1st video of it.Those top 10 ways are-

1.Use youtube to get traffic to your website and blog.

2.Create your own brand,product and promote them on youtube.

3.Sell other’s products as an affiliate marketer.

4.Create a web tv series.

5.Become a youtube personality.

6.Use shortlink in description and other places.

7.Monetize your videos with youtube partner program.

8.Seek Sponsorships.

9 Teach:Share your knowledge with tutorials.


So youtube has unlimited earning options.I have described and covered almost all of them in this video.


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