My Tips on Traveling to the (Philippines) A Must View Video (2019)
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My Tips on Traveling to the (Philippines) A Must View Video (2019)

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I am heading back to the Philippines and in this video I will be giving you a few tips that I follow when traveling to the Philippines. It’s a great country to visit, with a great culture and especially great food. If you get a chance to visit this great Republic, take it; you will not regret it.

As always, “Bringing the Sights and Sounds of The Philippines Into Your Home”. Please if you would; give us a Thumbs-Up, Share the video, leave any questions or comments below in the comment section. And as always, please Subscribe!!!

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25 Replies to “My Tips on Traveling to the (Philippines) A Must View Video (2019)”

  1. I was told that when a tourist arrives in the Philippines with a one way ticket. That people that plan on blowing themselves up will not have a return ticket. I was allowed in then after a hold up however that was 35-40 yeas ago.

  2. Hey Gary, john from Ca. All ears are on your China Eastern flight.. been monitoring the flights weekly and very seriously thinking of using next month to Cebu. Good advice and good video.. sidebar, I always heard white taxi is best> interesting..

  3. Hi Gary… I travel alot so i carry a travel Cellphone for when i travel, the best way to have load is to get Sha to send you a Globe SIM Card ( I found they have the best coverage )before you travel that way you have communications all the time,,, My wife or Daughter send me afew wks ahead of the journey…….

  4. Yea true ! Filipinas love the white skin they hate dark skin that y u see,them wear shirts in the water many of them. I knw that from many,years experience with, completely different attitude there to our western habits!!

  5. Great video. I have a question. I know that each country has different takes through customs. Do I have to declare like for example a bottle of soda I purchased from my home airport through customs at Manila? Or Potato chips? There isn't much information how to deal with it . Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  6. usually, my flights end at Manila late in the evening, and I will get a domestic flight to Davao the next morning. instead of camping out in the airport open areas, I get a room at the Wing's Travel lodge for $20, and that way I can get some must needed sleep, get a shower in the morning, and a little bite to eat all included in the price, and it's right there in terminal 3.

  7. Gary the reason you need an onward ticket is because the automatic visa approval is only for 30 days. If you’re staying longer you apply for an extension. But you can’t apply for the extension until you have passed immigration. So it’s after the fact. I hope this makes sense. Happy to expand further if required.

  8. There's a direct flight from Seoul to Panglao, Bohol now on PAL. I think it's just for high season so it won't be offered year round flight. This would be perfect for me as many flights from Vancouver to Seoul and I can bypass Manila AND Cebu. No more brutal NAIA or those dang ferries from Cebu to Bohol. Although China Eastern is dirt cheap out of Vancouver. Under 700 Canadian dollars round trip to Manila if you book well in advance. It all depends what you want If you want convenience you pay more. PAL is also convenient (but pricier) cuz it has direct flights from Vancouver to Manila and transfer between terminals at NAIA is easier if your connecting flight is with PAL as their shuttles are way better and fast.

  9. I believe the onward ticket is to insure you have a way out of the country. If you run out of money they want you to be able to leave the country.

  10. Gary, I was curious about why onward ticket proof was necessary not only in the Philippines, but many countries around the world. First and foremost, governments use this process to reduce the flow of undocumented immigrants coming into a country for work, especially from bordering or nearby countries, not to discourage long-term tourists. Which doesn’t mean that tourists haven’t been affected by the rule. One thing I didn't realize is, most of the issues with not having proof of onward travel lie with the airline asking for a return ticket, rather than immigration when you actually arrive in the country. This is because airlines can be fined if they do not check that their passengers have the correct visas, paperwork, proof of onward travel, etc. It varies depending on the policies of each country and airline. Personally, I have never been asked for an onward departure date, because I use Korean Air through a Filipina owned ticket agency located in Las Vegas, which my step-mother has used for a very long time now. I have used them for many years now too. For up to one year I can change my return flight for free, as long as it is the same type of matching flight. Originally, they set my return flight for the 30 day visa limit and shortly after I get to the Philippines, I email them and they put my ticket return date on hold, or change it for me if I already know when I want to return. I normally pay around $1150 to $1350 for my round trip ticket and Korean Air is fantastic in every way, so it is worth it to me. Anyway, good tips and I enjoyed the video.

  11. Hopefully you have a good experience on China Eastern Air. I’ve read mixed reviews on them. It’s definitely much cheaper than other Airlines. Have a great trip! We leave soon too.

  12. Thank you Gary. That was very good information for me. I just recently got my passport. I plan on staying for 3 weeks. I’m unsure on the time of year. I will be meeting my filipina girlfriend there. For the first time. When’s the best time for me to go. Her and I thought maybe October. But I’ve heard it’s still tsunami season then. So I’m unsure on time.

  13. Good video Gary,lots of good info. And hey I'm jealous! Jk wish I was going back. When I went back a few month ago I took ANA out of Dulles Int. the lay over in Hanita Int. was 18 hrs kinda long but was a great airport very beautiful. Took a shower coated like $10 used. Hope ya have a great time and wish ya the best.
    Question I've been thinking about have ya ever thought about duel citizenship I'm thinking of retiring there and I know ya cant buy land, yes ya can buy a condo but not land. Tks

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