Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Comparison: The 2018 Ultimate Throwdown
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Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Comparison: The 2018 Ultimate Throwdown

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Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu – which one should you get? I look at three over the top streaming services, and how they’ve changed since the last time I compared the three (in 2014). I go over the good points and bad points of each service. I also highlight the original programming all of these shows have.

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27 Replies to “Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Comparison: The 2018 Ultimate Throwdown”

  1. You mentioned that Amazon Prime offers BritBox. Is this a separate fee or included in the subscription? If it’s part of Amazon Prime, where is it located?

  2. I'm an avid movie watcher. I'd like to see movies from the 80's and 90's which would be better for that. Even tv shows from that time period

  3. Have Netflix's but don't watch it much anymore since finished the shows I liked or they cancelled them.
    So thinking of dropping Netflix at the end of the month right before renewal and trying Hulu.

  4. i cant really say which one is the best because they all have pros and cons…hulu has damn near every tv show which is dope but they are lacking a lot in movies, netflix films are good but they come and go due to contracts but they have the best original prime has good movies and tv shows and that 2 day shipping is great but the streaming quality could be better, often times is streaming stops an i have to close and re-open the app which is annoying

  5. Amazon good playing older great movies and love Netflix too,,but Hulu getting so boring also Amazon playing the old great 70's and older movies but yet Netflix makes better movies like Dumplin with great Dolly Parton's songs love Amazon and Netflix

  6. does anyone know how to pay for have netflix just for a month?and not every mounth? Is it safe to cancel before the next month starts?

  7. Here in Arizona I get 35 over the air Channels and I have Hulu, Amazon, and Philo TV (43 Channels for $16.00 you should check it out) That is a total of 36.98. I cancelled my Cox 140 channel cable which cost me $112 so I get everything I can want for way less cost. Another thing with Philo for those with Roku's all the channel apps work. Like HGTV you can see every season of House Hunters. With Discovery you can see every season of Alaska The last frontier. Or for you cooking people with the Food Network app every season of chopped. Sorry I'm old those shows appeal to me.

  8. If only hulu was available here in Europe and Netflix had the same amount of content as in the US…. I'd subscribe to both of these in a heartbeat… However Hulu isn't available outside of the US and Netflix here is trash. Over 80% of US content is missing… I'll try buying a gift card for hulu and using a vpn, perhaps that will work, i really want to watch some old and perhaps new tv shows legally, not resorting to kodi and such. They really make it hard to avoid piracy here in Europe…

  9. Netflix original programming is 100000 better than anything any other platform has. Prime and Hulu are not even in the discussion. The only reason I have Prime is for 2 day shipping. As for their videos, they suck.

  10. Hulu served me well until I embarked upon Chromecast. It is 'ad-laden" much like viewing live t.v. Since the shows I watch are available on their respective networks, a day later, like Hulu, this leaves no choice other than to separate from it. Netflix has movies and documentaries that I favor. It remains for now. The wonder is that you are not beholden to any of these services, which allows you to journey back and forth at your leisure.

  11. Amazon is awesome.the interface is confusing at times. There's also Amazon music available n a lot of people don't realize that. I get 2 hour delivery too. Great service.
    Netflix is missing a option to rent movies through streaming. Something that Amazon has but again, Amazon is confusing and usually I can't even figure out if the content I'm watching is in 4k or the sound is 5.1. Still the best option is Amazon. Rent movies, often promotions are available

  12. since i have first month free i will try all of them and compare which one is good, by the way I think netflix offers UHD quality mmm I am bored tho, with this new idea I think I will be busy.

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