SHOCKING Auto White Balance test results GoPro Hero5 vs Hero6!!!!
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SHOCKING Auto White Balance test results GoPro Hero5 vs Hero6!!!!

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NO FILTERS NEEDED!!! The improvements in the GoPro Hero6 results in better white balance and scene color detection for more accurate color. The test results are shocking! The upgrade in white balance is the largest improvement for any GoPro camera to date in regard to underwater use. Please subscribe to be included on future reviews. More testing is on the way.

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  1. The perfect video to demonstrate the auto white balance of the HERO6 Black. I just upgraded to the HERO7 Black. I suspect it will perform similarly to the HERO 6 Black. HERO7 Black Firmware v1.51… General image quality enhancements including "improved color in underwater shots" and refinements in HDR processing. Trying my HERO7 Black next week in Cayman and Cozumel.

  2. This is a great demonstration video. I have a question… What if you have AWB and walk into different rooms or go from out of water and dive into water. Is the color transition seamless? I’ve only used native wb with GoPros.

  3. Hi Todd! Thank you for this quick, simple and right to the point demonstration. I have never been so happy with any of the GoPro HERO cameras (since 3) as I am with 6 now. An amazing improvement over all previous HERO cameras.

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