Sony NX80 vs Sony A7III | An ACTUAL Video Camera vs YouTube Camera!
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Sony NX80 vs Sony A7III | An ACTUAL Video Camera vs YouTube Camera!

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Today we compare a legitimate video camera against a more traditional YouTube Camera! Does the extra pro features on the NX80 make it a better fit for the online content creator then the tried and true Sony A7iii?

Both cameras can record in up to 4k 30fps, but have very good autofocus, but one has a built in Zeiss lens and the other requires a fair amount of accessories and lenses to turn it into a usable camera.

Which one will work better for the online content creator? Let’s find out!

Sony NX80

Sony A7iii

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35 Replies to “Sony NX80 vs Sony A7III | An ACTUAL Video Camera vs YouTube Camera!”

  1. I skipped through a little, but I am wondering why you chose 4K30, because the A7III has a crop in that framerate and resolution. 4K24 would have been better for the comparison, in my opinion.

  2. I do like how you said why YouTubers complain that that Hybrids aren’t video focused first they’re photography cameras that take video. Will never be as good as a video cinema focused camera.

  3. what do you do that you need multiple lenses? that's right, nothing. The camcorder has parfocal lenses, id buy the camcorder unless you needed to broadcast

  4. I like the nx80 way better in image quality, it gives it that like like colour tone where the a7iii gives it that warm look which I'm my opinion means you can colour grade from scratch where the a7iii kinda gives you a head start which I like the nx80 for that

  5. Hello i just dont like how you opinion to the cheapest you opinion like a proffessional but your not. your just a small piece of yt

  6. I honestly thought that the “an actual video camera” part of your title was referring to the Sony A7iii.

    At one time I shot on the Sony AX100 (Camcorder) but it wasn’t versatile enough for much of the video related stuff I was trying to do. It’s really difficult to achieve certain looks that you can get from interchangeable lenses.

    So I moved to the Panasonic GH5 for about a year then I eventually moved to the A7iii.

  7. As someone who is about to splash some cash on a camera for mostly video this is a comparison I have been ticking over in my head for over a year.

    I like that a camcorder is grab and go and might be what I need to grab those moments off road that are unrepeatable but can’t understand why I can’t have a camcorder system with a FF sensor and interchangeable lense at a similar price point to a A7iii.

    Thanks for the vid, even though it hasn’t helped sway me in either direction 🙁

  8. I prefer a7iii. I like full frame, exchangeable lenses etc.. you can also use APSc lenses and a small gimbal. Creators need photo and video. If I was cinema only I’d prefer to get a cinema camera with detachable lenses

  9. I hope Sony doesn’t listen to YouTubers, no one wants flip out screen except for ya guys, your left hand carry most of the weight of the camera from the bottom, the flip out screen will be in the way. Sony, most people don’t vlog, period!

    And camcorders are not for me for sure, they are big, can’t take photos, smaller sensor.

  10. I started making content with a camcorder now the sony fdr. And i must say i actually love it. Only downside is that it's heavy but exploring abandoned places i must say i love nightvision

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