Watch These FBI Interrogation Tactics Crack Chris Watts, Family Murderer, Into Finally Confessing
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Watch These FBI Interrogation Tactics Crack Chris Watts, Family Murderer, Into Finally Confessing

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Watch How FBI Interrogation Tactics Cracked Chris Watts, Family Murderer, Into Finally Confessing – Body Language

Find out how the FBI cracked Chris Watts, family killer, into finally confessing. Those secret FBI interrogation tactics are revealed.

Chris Watts is that northern Colorado man who plead guilty to murdering his pregnant wife Shanann and his two young daughters, Bella and Celeste, on August 13, 2018.

We’re going to analyze Chris Watts’s interrogation footage and breakdown body language to reveal the how the FBI and CBI cracked Chris Watts into finally confessing.

0:49 August 13, 2018: Recap of what happened that first day. Chris Watts is video recorded committing his crime, police arrive at the Watts Family Home (as seen via police body camera), then they all go over to Neighbor Nate’s house to watch the security footage for the first time of Chris Watts covering up his crime early that morning.

2:29 August 14, 2018: Cadaver dogs search the Watts home, Chris Watts does his media interviews with Denver7, NBC Denver 9NEWS, and Fox 31 Denver, and then the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) begins interrogating Chris Watts.

17:13 August 15, 2018: Chris Watts takes a polygraph lie detector test administered by Tammy Lee, CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) Agent. After Tammy is done administering the polygraph, Tammy brings Grahm Coder, FBI Agent, back into the interrogation room to continue the interrogation of Chris Watts.

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Watch How Police Caught Chris Watts, Family Murderer, With Body Language – Police Body Cameras

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28 Replies to “Watch These FBI Interrogation Tactics Crack Chris Watts, Family Murderer, Into Finally Confessing”

  1. I have watched two of these videos by Derek Van Schaik about Chris's interrogation, very well done. Does anyone know what Derek does for a living or perhaps this is just a passion of his (narrating crime video's). Or what sort of back ground does he have? I'm just curious, seems like a psychologist maybe?

  2. This shit only happens in the suburbs. Individuals think that the most scary shit happens in the hood but it is honestly a misconception. Appearance can be deceiving.

  3. Amazing how he actually believed he could murder his entire family, feign distress and casually appease concern by claiming she left him with their children to start a new life (on foot without her purse or shoes or any of their belongings). It just shows how entitled, psychologically disturbed and intellectually limited he is. Great videos by the way, ❤️very well done. Coder is a boss too, even his name is amazing.

  4. If that had been my son my son would not have said anything to the investigators as soon as I could talk to him… Ronnie is a loser as a father too.. apple not far from the tree. ROnnie passively let Watts be soul murdered all his life by his mother and then Watts actually physically murdered his family… morally similar acts… in the long run Watts was just a destroyed as him own family. Watts soul was destroyed long ago by his parents…

  5. Good old Ronnie doesn't really care about Chris either or he would have pointed out that they were being recorded and said immediately STOP talking until I get you a lawyer… The father could easily have derailed the whole thing if he had been a father who really cared.. It is ironic that Watts murdered the only people in the world , including his parents who would have loved and supported him through anything… he has been left with a whore for a mistress who abandoned him at the first sign of her name being tarnished and parents who never really cared for him and used him all his life for their own narcissistic needs…

  6. How come it seems like nobody just says "I want to talk to a lawyer." Amazing video by the way. I subscribed because of this.

  7. If you listen to all of the interviews with family and friends, their comments do not support him being a psychopath or even a narcissist. That is what is so scary about this case. People are throwing around these terms but I don't think they actually fit. Shannaan's own parents said recently that he was a great father and husband. I think he is extremely passive/aggressive and the affair enabled his aggressive side.

  8. Those innocent little girls are not my children, yet I have being really sad and disturbed by this story; But that sick bastard didn't shed a tear for her daughters (at least, tears of regret). What a dirty psychopath.

  9. _ I don’t understand how the father could ever do this to his pregnant wife and two of his very small daughters 3 and 4 years old.
    What I do know is that, it takes a certain person to do this..
    I despise the kind of being.

  10. wow bringing his dad in was a master stroke. no matter how fucked up you are, bring your dad in and suddenly you're like 8 yrs old confessing to your dad again lol

  11. This case was basically just the entire police department and FBI rolling their eyes in anger waiting for him to confess. It was clear it was him since the start.

  12. I feel so bad for those poor girls, but I also can't imagine the disappointment and horror that poor father felt when he realized his son murdered his own wife and daughters.

  13. I LOVE this channel…. so much work goes into these! You have a real knack and heart for making these "come alive " for us. Thanks, man!
    My only complaint: I wish my phone was bigger and/or I could read the white text (on the white walls).

  14. Apparently my understanding of what a psychopath is, is different or incorrect compared to others. You know because apparently killing someone and lieing about it makes you a psychopath… As well, people apparently underestimate the power of anger. In the previous video you showed the neighbor telling the officer that he would here them fighting very loudly. I think that a lot of people assume they know phycology but don't actually know it, just some of it. I also believe that they were trying to give him max sentence so they didn't care whether it was true or not that he killed his kids as well as his wife. Idk whether I believe he killed his kids, maybe, maybe not. Seemed like when he told his dad what happened he was legit coming clean. At the end of the day, the man's in prison, the people or person that talked in front of the judge and jury got him sentenced and both believed what he wanted and made everyone else believe the same. I didn't see a psychopath at any moment. If he was anything, he could've been a pathological liar, but judging by the fact that he didn't want to get caught but eventually came clean, he wasn't that. I think his rage got the best of him and he slipped up. Rage is a mother fucker and the hardest emotion to control, but most people wouldn't understand that. Not saying he wasn't wrong. Just that people don't understand psychology quite like the people that have trouble with controlling emotions. Kind of just like a person who's never tried a single drug in their entire life but somehow seems to know everything about every drug and how the make a person feel.

  15. Loved your video! And being able to see the FBI tactics- thank you! Great watch. My only confusion is I thought the mistress turned herself in while this interview took place (they were talking to her in a separate room/ same time) .. I thought the FBI found out about the affair from the mistress (not Chris’s phone?)

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