Winter Crankbait Selection and Tips! Plus more news!
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Winter Crankbait Selection and Tips! Plus more news!

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9 Replies to “Winter Crankbait Selection and Tips! Plus more news!”

  1. I snatched up a bunch of those xcaliber knockers and silent squarebills for less than 2.00 each at academy awhile back. Haven't thrown the s.b.'s much at all. Are the legit?

  2. Congrats kevin. One of the most informative guys on YouTube when it comes to fishing. It is BS that you have less than 10k subs when I see these goof balls Googans doing stupid videos with hundreds of thousands. Keep putting out great content and people will find you. I share with everyone I know.

  3. Unless $100K is on the line I’m not changing out treble hooks. I just don’t see the big deal. Buy from quality companies and you should never have an issue. I don’t.

  4. Sorry I missed the live stream, awesome to hear you might have a Baitman box from 6th sense coming soon. I'll be buying them you can count on that!

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