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Wanna learn how to film with a Pole with a GoPro ?
I linked up with Dave Bachinsky to give him some tips to film like a Pro.

I’ve been filming skateboarding since 1995. :]
I started a Youtube Channel right when Youtube started I just thought it was the coolest
thing that we could just show everyone any of our skate videos and we didn’t have to sell them.
Youtube is my full time job and I love it. I have worked for such companies as Nike SB, Street League,
Mountain Dew, Gatorade, AT&T, Plan B Skateboards, Woodward Camps, Network A, GoPro, Primitive
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Canon R800 Review – Video Camera – Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder Review

Canon R800 Review - Video Camera - Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder Review

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Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder – New camcorders 2017! First hands on, first impressions, learning along the way before I RTFM.
Amazon Link:

Not a bad consumer camera. For well-lit studios and outdoors you get an excellent image. Low light is a bit noisy. However, as you dig further into the controls, you will be able to customize and adjust the image and the audio to where you want them! Be aware the settings are not user friendly and take a bit of futzing around to figure things out. But THERE IS power in the ability to tweak and customize. My first shot videos need another lookee-loo when I learn this camera more.

You need to watch the prices as they can be all over the place. Look for bundles for a batter deal.

Amazon Link:

– Canon R800 Pro’s
– Responsive touch screen
– Powerful settings software
– Forward flip screen
– Mic In
– HOT Audio out, so you can monitor audio while recording
– 52x Zoom
– Decent onboard microphone
– Minimal external buttons
– Traditional camera mount
– Screw in lens capability, more (glass) focal flexibility

Canon R800 Con’s
– Settings not intuitive
– Low light images are a little noisy
– Image stabilization could be better.
– Weird phenomenon of the lens “fishing eyeing” while driving and Shooting video
– Needs better noise filtering

Canon R800 Video Camera I wish it had
– Buttons on flip screen so I can manually control from the front
– Remote control
– Hot Shoe Mount
– Ability to control video better from touch screen

FYI: Older model Canon R700:

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How to make real good Marzipan from scratch

How to make real good Marzipan from scratch

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In this video I show how to make the famous almond candy called marzipan.

Find more info here:

This video shows how to make high quality marzipan from scratch.
If you ask, why my recipe is better than others here on the internet, then keep reading, and I will explain:

I do NOT use eggs in my recipe! (That eliminates the possibility of introducing harmful bacteria to my marzipan e.g. salmonella)

This recipe contains alcohol not only for best taste, but also to preserve the marzipan and prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, or any other micro-organisms.

So what makes the almonds stick together, if I can’t use eggs?
The binding components are the almond oil, that is released, when processing the almonds in the food processor, and the powdered sugar.

The sugar is also a very good preservative. Together with the alcohol, it keeps the marzipan in good shape for a long time. But believe me that it tastes so good, that it doesn’t last long at all. You probably eat it all before it has a chance to go bad.

The only enemy the marzipan has, is air. It will dry out quickly. Make sure you store it in an air tight container, such as an old ice cream cup (as I do), or in a plastic bag. The fancy way to protect your marzipan from air, is to cover it in chocolate.

What could or should you do with marzipan? You can cover it in dark chocolate and make very good tasting snacks from it.

If you plan on covering a cake with a thin layer of marzipan, then I recommend to use more powdered sugar in the recipe. It won’t taste as good, but it is easier to work with, when you roll it out into a thin layer. I won’t rip as fast. Marzipan for cakes usually uses cheaper ingredients, because the most important part of a cake is the cake itself, and not the marzipan layer around it.

Have fun with this instructional video, and rate and comment! Thank you for watching!

If you like, what you see here, then feel free to download the recipe from my website:

Dieses Video hat Deutsche Untertitel. (Rechts unten im Video bei CC auswählen),
auch das Rezept steht auf Deutsch unter dem Download Link zur Verfügung.

Many thanks to Zsófia for the Hungarian translation.

If you need to find out about the origin of marzipan, then take a peek here:

DIY YouTube App Halloween Costume! Be A YouTuber | rosaliesaysrawr

DIY YouTube App Halloween Costume! Be A YouTuber | rosaliesaysrawr

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DIY YouTube App Halloween Costume! Be A YouTuber!
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Inbox Dollars Review: Make Money Opening Emails WIth Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars Review: Make Money Opening Emails WIth Inbox Dollars

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Welcome to my Inbox Dollars Review. To Join Visit:

Or Read My Full Inbox Dollars Review Here:

How To Earn With Inbox Dollars:
Get paid For Read Emails: You actually get paid just to look at an email. Each email has a link to an offer. If you view and click you receive $.02 per email. In my experience you will receive at least 3-4 emails each day! Each email also has an offer that usually can be completed for more earnings.

Get Paid For Completed Offers: Inbox Dollar usually has about 150 different offers that can be completed. Some need you to buy something, but most of the offers are free. These pay anywhere from $.20 to $10 depending on the offer.

Get Paid to Complete Surveys: Inbox Dollar also pays you for taking surveys. There are 5 surveys that are available to complete once each day. There are also extra surveys that help you complete your account. These surveys usually pay $.50 to $1.00

Get Paid To Play Games: Inbox Dollar lets you play games and earn money for it. You can enter tournaments or play against others online. Most tournaments cost a few cents to enter and have huge payouts if you win!

Get Paid to Watch Videos: Inbox Dollar will also pay you to watch videos. Each Video usually pays a few cents and is just about a minute long!

Get Paid To Search: You can make money by searching the internet just like you normally would. This works a lot like SwagBucks Search. Where you don’t get rewarded cash on every search, it just kind of happens randomly.

Get paid To Refer: Inbox Dollar will also pay you money for referring others to their website. It extremely easy. Inbox Dollar gives you a custom link to send out via social networks or emails. You also get access to over 25 banner ads that can be added to your website. You will receive 10% off your referrals earning! The 10% is just the start once you reach the minimum payment amount one time it goes up!

How Will Inbox Dollars Pay You?
nbox Dollar pays by check only, but they do pay every single month! With inbox dollar the monthly minimum cash out is $30.00. But don’t worry if you don’t reach $30 in a month it carries over to the next. With the endless ways to earn through Inbox Dollar, reaching the minimum payout amount should be no problem each month!

What I Think About Inbox Dollars:
I gave Inbox Dollars a 90 out of 100 because I found that the company is a trusted company that gives you credit for your earnings and also pays on time.

I personally use Inbox Dollar to make money by looking at paid emails. I really like how easy it is to make money. I also enjoy the survey part of the site. I found that the surveys are easy to qualify for and don’t take up too much time.

I would recommend joining Inbox Dollars to anyone looking to make some extra cash online!

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7 – Blender Video Editing (Preview Performance BOOST! [ Video Proxy ])

7 - Blender Video Editing (Preview Performance BOOST! [ Video Proxy ])

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Scroll Down for Video “Time Index” (************)

Learn to Video Edit with Blender
My 2.7x Blender Series:
My 2.6x Blender Series:

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Video Description

I will tell you how to greatly improve the performance of blender by using “Video Proxies” with your Preview Window. This is the best way to make video editing in blender much faster.

[UPDATE] for blender 2.74+ users:

Our friends at the Blender Foundation are trying to simplify the Proxy section.

In the Proxy / Timecode section, there is a button called “Set Selected Strip Proxy” (It’s below the Timecode dropdown). Click that button to change the percentage. After setting that percentage, you can click the button “Rebuild Proxy and Timecode Indices” or select that option from the strip menu.


00:00 – Review of previous video
00:14 – More video strips = more slowdown.
00:22 – The solution: Video Proxies.
1:05 – Select Proxy / Time Code
1:40 – Rebuild Proxy and Time Code Indices.
2:00 – Switch the preview window to show Proxy video
2:17 – The Amazing results.

Credit for video being used for editing

(c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation /

“Big Buck Bunny” uses the following license:

GoPro Music: Tony Royster Jr. – Drummer’s Odyssey

GoPro Music: Tony Royster Jr. - Drummer's Odyssey

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Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ‪ Watch with headphones.

Tony Royster Jr. discovered his calling in life was to play the drums; he was 3 years old. At the age of 5, his father bought him his first real drum set. By the time he was 11, he was labeled a child prodigy, and ranked among the best in the world.

“I just continued to play, to stick with it. I always had a passion for drums….the rhythm, the feel, the sound, the way it made me feel when I played, automatically made me feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing.” Tony Royster, Jr.

Today, Tony is widely recognized as one of the world’s most acclaimed & gifted drummers, working and touring with the world’s biggest rock & hip hop acts. GoPro is honored to present a unique glimpse into Tony’s gift as told through an intimate, live multimedia drum performance.

Recorded on a custom built GoPro production set at the DW drum factory, and scored by Tony’s personal home video projections, Tony transforms his drums, childhood memories, and a few GoPro cameras into a drum solo that must be heard, and seen, to believe..

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Special Thanks:
DW Drums
REMO Drum Heads
Sabian Cymbals
Vic Firth Drum Sticks

Projection Specialist:
Mattia Casalegno

Additional Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

CS:GO Pro adreN Tips – AK47 Guide Part 1 (intro+bursting)

CS:GO Pro adreN Tips - AK47 Guide Part 1 (intro+bursting)

Views:736657|Rating:4.89|View Time:10:35Minutes|Likes:7105|Dislikes:165
Going over shooting and handling the AK47.

Includes spraying basic pattern and more in depth on bursting.
Next parts will include tapping / fully spraying / when to tap/burst/spray



How to make mayonnaise – BBC Good Food

How to make mayonnaise - BBC Good Food

Views:25436|Rating:4.80|View Time:2:14Minutes|Likes:353|Dislikes:15
Shop-bought mayo isn’t a patch on homemade – and homemade mayonnaise is surprisingly simple to make. Using the everyday ingredients eggs, vinegar, mustard and oil, discover how to make your own perfect, creamy mayo from scratch.

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Here’s how to flavour your mayonnaise:

Dense Wide-Baseline Scene Flow From Two Handheld Video Cameras – 3DV 2016

Dense Wide-Baseline Scene Flow From Two Handheld Video Cameras - 3DV 2016

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Many compelling video post-processing effects, in particular aesthetic focus editing and refocusing effects, are feasible if per-frame depth information is available. Existing computational methods to capture RGB and depth either purposefully modify the optics (coded aperture, light-field imaging), or employ active RGB-D cameras. Since these methods are less practical for users with normal cameras, we present an algorithm to capture all-in-focus RGB-D video of dynamic scenes with an unmodified commodity video camera. Our algorithm turns the often unwanted defocus blur into a valuable signal. The input to our method is a video in which the focus plane is continuously moving back and forth during capture, and thus defocus blur is provoked and strongly visible. This can be achieved by manually turning the focus ring of the lens during recording. The core algorithmic ingredient is a new video-based depth-from-defocus algorithm that computes space-time-coherent depth maps, deblurred all-in-focus video, and the focus distance for each frame. We extensively evaluate our approach, and show that it enables compelling video post-processing effects, such as different types of refocusing.

C. Richardt, H. Kim, L. Valgaerts, and C. Theobalt
Dense Wide-Baseline Scene Flow From Two Handheld Video Cameras. International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV), 2016

how to be a youtuber #2 (ft. mikayla)

how to be a youtuber #2 (ft. mikayla)

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snap: dennise_ann | mikayla_anjk
instagram: den.nise | mikayla_anj

instagram: joshuaglodo