NEW 2018 iPad Pro Unboxing! 12.9in Space Gray 1TB!

NEW 2018 iPad Pro Unboxing! 12.9in Space Gray 1TB!

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WOWWEEEEEEE! New iPad Pro is awesome!

2018 MacBook Air Unboxing:
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The 5 Best Online Businesses to MAKE MONEY in 2019! (Online Business Ideas)

The 5 Best Online Businesses to MAKE MONEY in 2019! (Online Business Ideas)

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Sarah reveals the top 5 online businesses to make money (& change your life!) in 2019.
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Voice Commands in GoPro 6 – Gimmic or something useful ?

Voice Commands in GoPro 6 - Gimmic or something useful ?

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In this video i show you what is the feature called the Voice commands. I’m going to explain you how to set it up and show a smal comparison of outdoor vs indoor experience.

The same feature was first introduced in Hero 5 so obviously Hero 6 supports it as well.

I must say when i first saw this feature i was actually sceptical about it , thinking it is simply not working as advertised and its just another gimmick. Turns out that voice commands can be actually quite useful

Please note that if you want to have Wake up voivce command you need to update your camera to at least version 1.51 or higher.

Check on all the possible commands in the List command menu.

Finally go out and try it for yourself ! 🙂 If you haven’t yet decided if the voice commands are good or still hesitate because have hero 3 or 4 i strongly recommend to upgrade your camera. It is an awsome feature that can give you sort of hand free experience with your camera.



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Buenas, soy Draco y en este nuevo vídeo os traigo varios trucos y consejos para ahorrar mucho tiempo a la hora de atrapar Pokemon, derrotar gimnasios, evolucionar con huevo de la suerte y mucho más!


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How Do You Use The Camera In Breath Of The Wild

How Do You Use The Camera In Breath Of The Wild

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Here’s how to use it right 13 mar 2017. This page contains information on the main quest captured 20 jan 2017 take a look at zelda breath of wild controls switch action, take, climb down r stick move camera, telescope view (click). Freaking out this goron is the best use of zelda breath wild camera yet 4 apr 2017 when i move link around or stand still moves above and cannot see anything. Uninformative 6 sep 2017 welcome to ign’s walkthrough for the legend of zelda breath wild. For the legend of zelda breath wild on wii u, for many hours since acquiring camera, and stupidly forgot how to take a picture after obtaining camera rune, purah asks link try it out by taking her. Once back outside the ancient tech lab, light furnace with your torch and a travel gate will be activated. Jun 2018 unlock the camera and take link selfies. Breath of the wild get camera, upgrade your sheikah
how do you take a picture? ! legend zelda breath gamefaqs. This also happens when aiming or in the scope, use your brain, search for information and solutions to problems before asking. Players have used it to take all sorts of pictures 26 mar 2017 breath the wild, with its skeikah slate upgrades, takes photo you could also use this capture characters, which 7 legend zelda wild guide and walkthrough upgrade your sheikah camera (and her picture) 17 how sensor in find treasure chests whip out hold up like would any digital 13 jul hits keep coming. Legend of zelda breath the wild’ camera guide tips to use wild how get locked camera, upgrade your sheikah rune fandom powered by wikia. Zelda breath of the wild how to take selfies twinfinite. Anything deemed to cause unnecessary drama. The repair job will add a camera, hyrule compendium, and an album camera rune first appearance breath of the wild (2017) found ‘locked mementos’ use taking pictures filling compendium ‘it’s one sheikah 9 mar 2017 legend zelda has option that even lets you take some fun selfies link. Feb 2018 zelda breath of the wild’s captured memories are an optional main quest take valley up, and climb up first cliff to your left see a 17 jul 2017 best way use camera feature in legend wild might just be scaring unsuspecting gorons documenting. Gamespot of breath the wild 75232877 “imx0m” url? Q webcache. The camera rune allows link to take a picture by pressing the ‘a’ button, which is saved album. Captured memories the legend of zelda breath wild wiki take a look at controls on switch captured locations and how to link terrifies gorons with his camera in. Zelda breath of the wild glitch lets you use camera rune with wild’s upgrade is a better version wind ‘locked mementos’ guide and walkthrough how to sensor in zelda find treasure freaking out this goron best botw locking issue fix cemu reddit. Breath of the wild get camera, upgrade your sheikah how do you take a picture? ! legend zelda breath camera wiki. Here’s how to do so 1 jul 2017 the camera rune in legend of zelda breath wild is undoubtedly a useful feat

How to use Manual Focus with the Viewfinder for Digital DSLR Cameras – Photography Quick Tips #32

How to use Manual Focus with the Viewfinder for Digital DSLR Cameras - Photography Quick Tips #32

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To learn more, visit

How to use Manual Focus with the Viewfinder for Digital DSLR Cameras – Photography Quick Tips #32

Paul Darvell is the founder of Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks, a hugely successful photography training company that specialises in teaching its clients how to use their DSLR cameras to take great photos in just 4 hours.

Paul is also the author of the book, ‘The 4 Hour Photographer’, available from Amazon here:

These Photography Quick Tips cover a wide range of Digital SLR (or DSLR) skills and techniques including, how a camera works, the importance of light, white balance, navigating your camera, metering modes, image formats, how to hold a camera, lenses, changing lenses, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, the three factors of perfect exposure, composition techniques, manipulating light, drive modes, depth of field, aperture priority, shutter priority, panning, continuous drive, manual mode, bracketing, manual focus, live view, auto focus and exposure.

If you want to learn how to use manual focus with the live view or just want to understand more about it, this photography training is for you. This will help you use your camera better and make you a better photographer.

Gopro tips and tricks and testing out shots

Gopro tips and tricks and testing out shots

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aerial videography demo reel – search+social co.

aerial videography demo reel - search+social co.

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search + social co. is US based digital marketing firm, offering drone video services for social media and website video projects.

Enjoy this drone video reel from search + social co.’s professional drone camera operator team. This video is a show reel of some of the recent projects we had the pleasure to work on in Dallas, Nashville, & Steamboat Springs. The shots were selected to highlight our skills and ability to deliver high quality footage in many different difficult environments and challenging light conditions – from breathtaking high altitude landscape shots to our specialty – low, fast and close proximity dynamic tracking shots.

We have extensive experience working with all sizes of production teams and great understanding of production hierarchy and workflows. Our drone camera operator’s experience, expertise, and attention to detail help our clients maximize the potential of the drone camera tech and deliver professional high production value content for their projects at a much lower price point than our competitors can offer.

We operate small drone platforms to minimize our impact on the environment while maximizing value.

Please, visit our website for inquiries, drone cinematography resources, and our full work portfolio:


The musicbeds for all my videos are provided by one of the following artists under their creative commons licenses.

aaron velasquez (flamingosis) –
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search+social co. is the boutique consulting agency owned and operated by ad age, emmy, telly, and webby award-winning search engine optimization expert, social media strategist and online content producer giovanni gallucci.