FULL SPEECH: Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt’s Inaugural Address

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Kevin Stitt, the 28th Governor of Oklahoma, delivered his inaugural address moments after taking the oath of office on Jan. 14, 2019.

1979 Casavant 15 Rank Church Pipe Organ For Sale

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1979 Casavant 15 Rank Church Pipe Organ For Sale

This beautiful Casavant pipe organ was originally installed in a Lutheran church in 1979. A large addition is currently being added to the church and a new larger instrument will be installed in its place. This organ features a two manual oak finished console with reverse wood color keyboards, a 32 note A.G.O. specification pedal board and is 15 ranks, plus chimes. The most appealing visual feature of this instrument is the pipes themselves. Because the organ was near the congregation, all the pipes are finish grade and just look amazing up close. Even the Wooden pipes are made of finish grade oak, which is seldom encountered.

There are two main chests, one of which is enclosed for the swell division. Several offset chests make this instrument ideally situated for many different sound and appearance configurations. The organ was well maintained throughout its tenure, as can be documented in the accompanying video.

This instrument has been carefully and professionally removed by organ technicians and placed into storage. It can be delivered anywhere in the continental United States or Lower Canada reasonably and safely. Take a minute to watch our video of this gorgeous instrument. Also, there are many close up photographs to give you a better idea as to the stop list and configurations on the console.

Ranks by division:
GREAT: Seven ranks PLUS: Chimes
SWELL: Five ranks
PEDAL: Three ranks

When Storms of Life Assail – Geron Davis

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Sung by the UNL Singers under the direction of Dr. Peter Eklund on February 2, 2014 at First-Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska.

When storms of life assail
When I an feeling frail.
I place my trust in You, O Lord,
You never fail.

Rwanda will never be the same, says Kagame

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Rwanda President Paul Kagame assured the people that Rwanda will never experience the genocide again as was the case in 1994. He was addressing the 24th anniversary of the genocide in Kigali on Saturday.
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Bishop Hezekiah Walker | Praise Break | Pentecostal Churches of Jesus Christ Convocation

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