Using the BlackMagic ATEM Production Studio 4k with Wirecast

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Connect multiple cameras using the BlackMagic ATEM Production Studio 4K into Wirecast. This will help on process time and give you more resources for better videos. An overview of the hardware switcher and it’s features including an overlay option.

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Central Baptist Church Jonesboro, AR HD Video Upgrade

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Central Baptist Church (Central) is a contemporary church in Jonesboro, AR which stays busy with three services every Sunday at their main campus and two remote services at their Journey Campus. In addition to the multiple services the church operates local TV channel 15 as part of their ministry and use multimedia to reach out to the community in a variety of ways. Central contacted Elite Multimedia, Inc. (Elite) when they decided to upgrade their video presentation system. Having previously established a working relationship, from the portable system we designed and assembled for their Journey Campus at Arkansas State University, the decision to turn to Elite for the design and installation of the new HD video system was clear. Elite gathered information about the goals the church wanted to accomplish with this upgrade through numerous discussions with the church staff. The old system had many limitations such as having 16:9 screens with rear throw 4:3 format projectors which were shooting on a mirror system, because the depth of the room was not deep enough. Most of the equipment was over 10 years old and was in dire need of replacing. The main objectives of this upgrade was to achieve an HD resolution in 16:9 format with new projectors, cameras and switchers which could be centrally located and controlled from one area.

Having a large worship center brings on challenges for cable length and signal quality. Elite chose to send the entire output signal from the video room over optical fiber connections utilizing BlackMagic converters. This allowed for excellent signal quality over a long distance at 1920x1080i 59.94MHz. Five Sony cameras and two Panasonic switchers are the central components of the new system. One switcher is for broadcast purposes and the other one is used for house switching to control the two main side and center screen output. Elite decided to adopt a front projection solution using Panasonic 12,000 lumen projectors with long throw lenses installed on custom built hanging platforms and DaLite Screens. The Production Room is set up for both broadcast and house switching to have all inputs routed through the BlackMagic 16×16 router for easy configuration and to provide a multitude of output control options. With extensive pre-rigging and advance preparation for cable pulls and infra-structure installation the overall system was connected, configured and finalized in one week, without having to miss a Sunday service. Having made the system highly intuitive, the church volunteers were able to quickly learn the new setup and are running things for Sunday services after only one training session. Furthermore, this system allows for future growth as part of the church’s’ master plan as they continue to lean on Elite for audio visual solutions.