Happy New Year El Paso with Countdown and Auld Lang Syne

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Happy New Year El Paso with Countdown and Auld Lang Syne · Personalisongs

Happy New Year El Paso

℗ Personalisongs

Released on: 2014-08-01

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How to Dance El Caballo Dorado!!

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Want to learn how to dance El Caballo Dorado before your quinceanera? In this vlog your Quince Madrina will show you how to become a pro at dancing el caballo dorado so you will be able to join in all the fun at every party you go to! Learn the simple steps to the caballo dorado dance and become a pro before your Quinceanera.

Learning how to dance el caballo dorado, will come in handy! Caballo dorado is so popular among Hispanics that you can hear it at almost every party you go to! Plus, it’s really fun to dance along to.

Both versions of the El Caballo Dorado dance are included. First we start off with a step by step dance along of “No Rompas Mas” and then transitions to the faster version, “Payaso de rodeo”.

Remember practice makes perfect, enjoy!

Comment down below with any requests for any other quinceanera dances we should go over.
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El Paso’s Mount Cristo Rey

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DVD about a mountain in Sunland Park, NM that has a 40-foot statue of Christ the King. Built by El Paso people from Smeltertown, the 52-minute video explains the mountain’s Catholic history, the geology, dinosaur tracks at the base, how the mountain trail was built, how the statue was sculpted by Urbici Soler.

Grupo Manteca – No Hay Nadie Como Ella @ El Barrio Cuisine Tucson, AZ 5 de Mayo 2015

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Grupo Manteca @ El Barrio Cuisine Tucson, AZ 5 de Mayo 2015
No Hay Nadie Como Ella – Marc Anthony
Led by Hiram Perez (saxophonist/vocalist), Carlos Lugo (vocals/trumpet), Jason Carder (trumpet), Mike Carbohol (trumpet), Carlos Chavez (trumpet/flugelhorn), Moises Paiewonsky (trombone), Dylan Carpenter (trombone), Steve Smith (guitar), Richard Katz (piano), Sean Mendoza (bass), Aaron Szabo (timbales), Danny Brito (congas), Pete Cadava (bongo), and Eric Hines (percussion).

Texas Exotic Ranch For Sale in Henderson – El Rancho Verde

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Texas Ranch, El Rancho Verde, is for sale and located in Henderson, Texas .
This beautiful East Texas ranch property is 217 acres and is combined with rustic hospitality and miles from Henderson, Texas, and close to Tyler, Kilgore, Jacksonville, Longview, and Nacogdoches. A magnificent setting among the scenic views this property boasts a main lodge w-kitchen, three rustic guest cabins, one large multi-level party barn and entertainment areas combined for a unique opportunity at an exceptional price and ready to be enjoyed by family, friends, corporate events, family respites, and much more. Wendy Johnson, 972-757-9383, or email: [email protected] Visit: www.TexLandmark.com


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This is video of our BIRTHDAY EVP INVESTIGATION in Vegas, Nevada, we investigated anyway, and we got a baby cooing (evp on my cell phone, not the psb-7)

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El Camino Not-So-Real: The true story of the ‘royal’ road | Bay Curious

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El Camino Real – originally part of 101 – runs the length of the Peninsula between San Francisco and San Jose. It’s very name implies a regal history. Translated from the Spanish, it means “The King’s Highway.”

Legend has it, the El Camino Real in Silicon Valley is part of the historic Mission trail, an ancient road that connects the Spanish missions, like a string of pearls along the California coast.

But is that true?

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