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Black male entertainer Kanye Omari West was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Chicago, Illinois by his mother the late Dr Donda West.

Kanye’s musical prodigy gift became obvious quite early in life.

By the time he reached high school Kanye had garnered the reputation as a songwriter and musician.

After attending college for one year Kanye withdrew to pursue his dream of moving to NYC to be signed by a major record label.

In 2002 Kanye inked a deal with the founders of Rockafella records, Hip Hop Artist Jay-Z and businessman Damon Dash.

Kanye’s 2005 duet with fellow entertainer Jamie Foxx “Gold Digger” branded him as an international star.

However it appears Kanye craved for more than just billboard success.

He wanted to be lifted up like Jesus, thus his nickname “Yeezus”.

Via members of the Music Industry’s Illuminati Elite, Kanye allegedly agreed to sell his soul to the Devil and allegedly offered up his mother Dr Donda West as a Blood Sacrifice.

It was reported via the mainstream media that Dr Donda West died in 2007, supposedly as a result of complications from Cosmetic Surgery.

However years later it has been exposed that allegedly Kanye allowed his mother to die as a satanic Blood Sacrifice for Fame and Fortune.

Dear God!

According to sources closest to him, as each year passes, Kanye becomes very erratic on the anniversary of his mother’s death.

During a recent concert performance in Sacramento, California Kanye stopped his show to deliver a 20 minute rant about several topics involving the Illuminati, Pres Obama, Hillary Clinton’s general election loss, Mainstream Media Propaganda, Facebook, Google, Race Wars, how Dirty the Music Industry is, etc.,

Immediately after this rant Kanye was hospitalized for seven days before being released.

Now that Kanye has awakened from his Demonic trance and no longer wants to be a devil worshipper and no longer wants KIM KHARDASHIAN to control him, the Illuminati powers that be want to Discredit and KILL him in order to Silence him.

(FYI: Yes the ILLUMINATI is real!)

Assassinating people’s character to Discredit people and Shut them up from exposing Deceit and the TRUTH is one of Satan’s oldest tricks.

He even did it to JESUS back in the day.

KANYE is not crazy.

Instead he is being tormented by the same devil he once sold his Soul to.

KANYE is sick and tired of serving the devil.

Just as MICHAEL JACKSON and PRINCE became tired.

He needs JESUS!

Satan is a cruel taskmaster who rewards his loyal followers with DEATH and DESTRUCTION and HELL.

How many born again CHRISTIANS are still playing Games with the devil today?

One foot in the world, one foot in the Kingdom of God.

How many CHRISTIANS have been deceived into thinking they can do whatever they please
(commit Adultery, steal, gossip, Fornication, FREEMASONRY, joining Greek Organizations & Secret Societies, spread lies, bearing False witness, shed Innocent Blood, create Strife & Division, Assassinate their brother or sister’s character, etc.,)
without expecting to suffer eternal Consequences on JUDGMENT Day??

There are many Black Men today in Christian Churches who are USHERS, who still believe it is acceptable unto God to remain a FREEMASON or an ALPHA, OMEGA, etc.,

There are many Black Women today in Christian Churches who are Church members & Dept Leaders, who still believe it is acceptable unto God to remain an AKA, DELTA, etc.,

How can human beings serve both God and Mammon and remain TRUE to the Lord JESUS CHRIST?

How many CHRISTIANS has Satan deceived into believing that God’s GRACE is a license to continue in WILLFUL DISOBEDIENCE and DELIBERATE SIN when they think no one is watching them?

Yes God is a God of LOVE, Mercy and Grace.

But God is not to be Mocked.
Be not deceived.
Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

This includes CHURCH LEADERS because no one is above GOD.

No one is above JESUS CHRIST.

One day EVERY knee will bow to JESUS CHRIST, King of Kings; Lord of Lords!

4107 Edwards Ave Nashville Tn 37216 Jay Nelson Remax Elite 615-545-6999

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4107 Edwards Ave Nashville Tn 37216 Jay Nelson Remax Elite 615-939-6570 cell
“Over 900 Homes Sold in Middle Tennessee” and “Top 10 Realtors in Nashville according to The Nashville Business Journal” We would love the opportunity to earn your business

Why The Elite Worship Saturn – The Black Cube EXPOSED!

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December 25th aka Christmas is not actually Jesus Christ ‘s birthday and the bible does not mention his birth date at all.
The elites are simly using December 25th as a day to spread the worship of Saturn throughout the whole world!
We have all unknowingly participated in esoteric Saturn worship for thousands of years!
The Saturnian cult has never stopped and its rites are still present to this day.

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Peerless Colonial Elite orchestrion pipes play the “Beale Street Blues”

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I just finished building a set of 25 violin pipes for a Peerless Colonial Elite orchestrion. The original pipes had been lost and someone replaced them with timid flute pipes from a church organ. Notice the lowest 6 pipes had to be mitered to fit inside the piano cabinet. Here are the new violin pipes on my test chest playing the “Beale Street Blues” played by J. Russell Robinson.

The lowest note is C above middle C going up two octaves to C. They are tuned to A-435 and are playing on 6″ wind.

Central Kansas Elite – Wichita Padres 2017 MAYB National Championship Highlights

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Highlights from Central Kansas Elite’s victory over the Wichita Padres in the championship game of the 11th-12th grade division of the MAYB National tournament.

Bruno’s Elite Curve Stairlift

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Bruno’s Elite Curve model offers a safe and durable design that installs on virtually all curved stairways! Leading-edge technology assuring complete stability as you move up and down the stairway — even during power outages, and inside turns offer the flexibility of mounting the curved stairlift on either side of the staircase. Curved staircases are an elegant and prominent part of your home, don’t allow them to compromise your independence. A curved stairlift by Bruno is the solution!

The Mission Tour – Elite Land Tours – Palm Springs, California

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Inside the church on the Mission Tour. Elite Land Tours, Palm Springs, California

The Mission Tour – Elite Land Tours – Palm Springs, California

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Inside the church at the Mission – Elite Land Tours, Palm Springs, California

BREAKING News 2018 July 2018 Arizona Monsoon Rescue Submerged Vehicle Raw Footage

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BREAKING NEWS JULY 2018 Thai Cave All 12 Boys & Coach Rescued before Monsoon Threat

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Elite Assisted Living Assisted Living | Surprise AZ | Surprise | Assisted Living

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Call Us Today at (623) 398-0501 or go to

Elite Assisted Living is a beautiful 10 bed residential care home located in Surprise, Arizona. Elite Assisted Living is near Banner Del Webb Medical Center as well as other local churches, schools, senior centers, shopping malls, and Dr offices. This multilingual speaking home provides medication assistance, showering assistance, incontinence care, dressing assistance, diabetes care, and general supervision. The homemade food is served in a Home-like environment which creates socialization and friendly conversations. Your CarePatrol Senior Advisor has personally pre-screened and reviewed this residential care home’s care and violation history and would be happy to share it with you on or before your tour. This residential care home is licensed by the State of Arizona to offer the utmost care and service. A beautiful new home in a desirable neighborhood with a variety of daily activities.

Are you looking for the best senior care in Surprise but not sure where to start? You don’t have to figure it out by yourself. CarePatrol can help guide your family through this challenging time. Every facility is personally visited by a CarePatrol Senior Consultant to provide choices in senior care facilities that will be the best fit. Each senior living facility that is recommended is checked for care and safety violations. A CarePatrol consultant will tour with you at the facilities so you can make sure you or your loved one will be cared for in the manner you desire. Best of all, the personalized service provided by each CarePatrol Senior Care Consultant is free to the family.

CarePatrol is your guide to find assisted living in Surprise, AZ. We are the free community senior care referral service in Surprise. CarePatrol can assist you and your family in finding quality, top rated Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, Nursing Homes and In Home Care.

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