Forensic Files – Season 4, Ep 7: Ties That Bind

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Who was the sexual offender that murdered two adolescent boys in Nebraska? The key to stopping him would be the unique composition of the “junk rope” he used to tie his victims. Omaha police and the FBI use rope analysis, psychological profiling, forensic odontology, and even hypnosis to bring a 116-day manhunt to a close. Originally aired as Season 4, Episode 7.

Forensic Files – Season 3, Ep 5: Deadly Delivery

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On December 16, 1989 Judge Bob Vance was killed when he opened up a package that contained a pipe bomb. Two days later an Attorney lost part of his arm when he opened a similar package. The police found two unopened packages that contained similar pipe bombs. The FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit provided a psychological profile of the bomber. The profile matched that of Walter Leroy Moody, who was convicted of a similar bombing in 1972. A store clerk identified Moody as the individual who purchased four pounds of gunpowder and one thousand CCI primers. Walter Leroy Moody was convicted, and sentenced to seven life sentences. Originally aired as Season 3, Episode 5

Bible Talk with IHPM. EP 5 – Pastor Steve Miller Interview Part 1

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God bless you for listening to God’s Gypsy Christian Church’s Podcast.

Pastor Steve Miller Interview. Part 1of 2.

GGCC Podcast Season 1, Episode 5.

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Remember, Doctrine Matters!

Forensic Files – Season 6, Ep 11: Photo Finish

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In 1995, California model Linda Sobek goes missing. Some vital pieces of information are found in a dumpster, which eventually led investigators to professional photographer Charles Rathbun. Rathbun claims Sobek died during a consensual sexual encounter gone wrong, but Sobek’s corpse and some high tech digital imagery tell a more sinister story. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 11.

Pursuit of the Paranormal – Ep 4 Toledo Airport Ghost Hunt Investigation

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Happy Halloween!
I was lucky enough to be able to investigate the Toledo airport. This little known haunted spot was the perfect locale to test out Ghost Hunting 2.0. We made contact with a plane crash victim. You won’t find these kind of results performed with current methods done on TV. Concepts from psychology and eastern philosophy were used to determine these spiritual ailments.

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Forensic Files – Season 8, Ep 8: All Wet

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A woman’s death in Pennsylvania triggers a homicide investigation into another woman’s death in North Carolina. The similarities in the two cases are shocking, and medical examiners must determine if the suspect’s story about accidental drowning is all wet. Orginally aired as Season 8 Episode 8.

Forensic Files – Season 6, Ep 19: Pure Evil

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Creating a profile of a serial killer, is part science and part intuition. The science involves studying criminals who have committed similar crimes, to see what characteristics they all have in common. One common trait among serial killers, is a past history of abusing animals. In a search for the killer of two teenagers in Texas, a behavioral profile led to a possible suspect – and hard science proved the profile was correct. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 19.

Forensic Files – Season 10, Ep 41: Wood-be Killer

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A killer tried to incinerate and destroy everything that could link him to his crime. But in doing so, he inadvertently created new forensic evidence, evidence which came to light with a technique never before used in a criminal investigation. Originally aired as Season 10, Episode 41.

Forensic Files – Season 13, Ep 14: Calculated Coincidence

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A North Carolina woman is raped and strangled in her apartment. Authorities are unable to link the prime suspect to the homicide, until they discover a connection to an unsolved Michigan murder that was committed a few years earlier. Originally aired as Season 13, Episode 14.

Forensic Files – Season 6, Ep 12: Whodunit

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An evening out at a Maryland murder mystery theatre performance turns into a real life whodunit when the badly burned body of Stephen Hricko is found in his hotel room after a fire. Lies, greed and medical trickery can’t match the skills of forensic scientists, who pull the curtain down on the real killer. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 12.

Sallie House (Ghost Caught on Tape) Ep. 1

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Alone in a haunted house, the haunting in this house is real.. Paranormal Episode 1, this was one of the scariest paranormal videos that I have done. Real ghost caught on tape during this paranormal episode … help us make more paranormal docs and live shows by joining our patreon

The Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas quickly earned a national reputation as one of the most haunted places in the U.S. — almost certainly the most haunted in the state of Kansas. The rather simple-looking painted brick house at 508 N. Second Street, built between 1867 and 1871, gives no indication from the street of its spooky reputation, but the many experiences of those who lived there are have subsequently investigated the place testify as to its ghostly vibes — mostly of the negative kind.

The Sallie house was brought to national attention when Debra and Tony Pickman lived there from 1992 to 1994 and had many distrubing encounters, including physical attacks on Tony, which were documented by the Sightings television show. It’s called the Sallie house because the daughter of some previous tenents had an imaginary friend named Sallie, and she is beleived to be one of the spirits haunting the house. When Tony Pickman drew a picture of the ghost Sallie he had seen, the daughter identified it as her friend, Sallie. (Coincidentally — or not — people who owned the house in the 1940s had a daughter named Sallie, although she did not die in the house or at a young age.)

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Forensic Files – Season 11, Ep 37: Step by Step

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When a wealthy socialite died after falling down the stairs, the eye witnesses said one thing and the evidence seemed to indicate another. To find out what really happened, investigators turned to forensic science, a physicist and an expert in accident reconstruction. Originally aired as Season 11, Episode 37.

Forensic Files – Season 9, Ep 14: Over a Barrel

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California police had several suspects in the robbery and brutal murder of an elderly couple. Unfortunately, the forensic evidence was inconclusive, and the crime went unsolved. Ten years later, a determined forensic scientist used material from a dentist’s office to uncover ballistic evidence which had been overlooked. Originally aired as Season 9, Episode 14.

The New Detectives: Season 5 – Ep 3 “Scattered Clues”

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There’s never a good reason for murder but some killers are especially cruel – choosing their victims at random or with no apparent motive and then expertly covering their tracks. These crimes may seem unsolvable, but telling clues remain. It’s up to investigators to follow the trail of evidence to capture these deadly killers.

As seen on The Discovery Channel, THE NEW DETECTIVES takes you into the world of high-tech detection and crime solution, following the trail of clues along with renowned forensic experts and criminal investigators.