Gang Stalking: Examples Of A Perp And A Handler In Greensboro, NC 6-19-15

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I came across this footage of this handler on Cone Blvd. on 6-13-15. As a TI you come across footage of street level perps on a daily basis, however footage of handlers are more difficult to film. I filmed this gang stalker on Battleground Ave. and then again a hour later on the footage in this video.
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Perp#1 footage shot on 5-2015

Reynolds Early Childhood Furniture Classroom Examples

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Here are some examples of churches, childcare centers and schools we have helped out just over the last few years.

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Reynolds is a family-owned early childhood company in Abilene, Texas that began with a simple interest in woodworking and a deep love for children. What started out as a small backyard project of building an item or two for a child has developed into an entrepreneurial adventure into the world of early childhood education.