FIGHT! Viberg Vs. Alden: Which High-End Boot is Best?

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Today I’m taking a look at two high end men’s boots: the beloved but pricy Viberg Service Boot and Indiana Jones’ shoe, the Alden Indy 403.


A classic Service boot design: minimalistic, masculine, and reminiscent of the Greatest Generation’s army boots. The Viberg has a much more traditional appearance — it’s sort of THE traditional service boot — and the most unusual aspect is probably the stitchdown welt, secured with not one but two rows of thread.


The Indy really stands out with bright white moc toe stitching and a chunky, bright tan welt, making for a pretty cool contrast with the rich brown leather. Lighter and slimmer than the Viberg, this shoe almost looks like a sneaker — it’s less versatile than the Service boot but it’s a lot more fun.



Both boots are made from Chromexcel, a leather that’s jam packed with oils and waxes and greases, including beeswax, beef tallow, chrome salts, marine oil, tree bark extracts, and a lot more.

This kind of leather has great depth of color and it ages well, but the downside is it scratches pretty easily. You can minimize and take care of damage by regularly conditioning with Venetian shoe cream.


The Service boot’s sole is super heavy, sporting a imported heavyweight leather insole from Spain, both cork AND leather midsoles, and a Dainite outsole imported from England. Dainite isn’t amazing on ice but it’s very good in rain, plus it looks slim and professional when viewed from the side.

Viberg uses a stitchdown welt, so the leather is sewn directly into the sole. This is very water resistant but it does make the shoe a little harder to resole, plus the leather is more likely to lose its shape during the process.



A much lighter boot, the outsole is made from neo-cork and it has a Vibram heel for extra shock absorption. Neo-cork is harder and more durable than stacked leather and is generally seen as a good compromise between leather and rubber soles.

Unlike Viberg this is a Goodyear welt, meaning there’s a layer of leather or rubber between the upper and the sole so it’s much easier to resole. But Alden isn’t great at securing the heel to the upper; there’s a pretty deep gap between the two, which hampers the water resistance.

FIT & Sizing


Made on the 2030 last and only available in one width, Viberg’s service boot can only be purchased in an E or wide width. This is a big downside for such an expensive boot, and the comfort isn’t helped y the fact that you get pretty serious blisters while breaking these in.

Order a half size down from your sneaker size.


Fitting true to size, the Trubalance last is also pretty roomy but it’s more snug around the heel because Alden uses a combination last — it’s a D width but the heel is a B.

Alden has more arch support than Viberg, I had no blisters when wearing them in, and the shoe is available in every width out there: B, C, D, E, EE, and EEE.



Viberg: $695.
Alden: $557.


• Better grip
• Better heel support,
• Heavier
• More versatile and classic
• Cheaper
• Better arch support
• Better fit
• More fashionable and eye-catching

Viberg’s boot is more versatile and classic, but I was happier with what Alden gave me for the price.

When Cows Fight Back

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Dr. Oakley heads to a remote farming community for a calf castration, but the routine surgery turns dangerous when an angry herd of cows swoops in to protect its young. Then, a retired sled dog requires emergency surgery to untwist his severely bloated stomach, and a potential tumor threatens the life of a giant Clydesdale horse.

A Native American Tribe Is Using Traditional Culture To Fight Addiction

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A year and half ago, Gabe Stewart stood in tribal court pleading guilty to felony charges because he stole money from his family to support his opioid addiction. In January, his community honored him for overcoming addiction and watched as his case was dismissed entirely.

Stewart is a member of the Penobscot Nation in Maine, a state hit hard by the opioid crisis. American indigenous communities like his are also some of the hardest hit, with overdose deaths for rural American Indians and Alaska Natives rising by 519 percent between 1999 and 2015, more than double the increase nationally.

When Stewart faced felony charges related to his addiction to Percocet, he was able to benefit from his tribe’s unique approach to addiction. Recognizing that issues with substance abuse in native communities often arise from intergenerational trauma, the Penobscot Nation attempts to reacquaint criminal drug offenders with tribal traditions and cultural practices to help them make a full recovery.

Tribal members who commit substance abuse-related crimes can enter a program called the Healing to Wellness Court, which operates something like a traditional drug court but offers a cultural curriculum.

VICE News followed Stewart on his last day in the Healing to Wellness Court.

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Arlington High School 2017 Graduation Parent Fight Brawl 5-16-17

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We were excited to see our 17 year old son graduate and noticed that the lady in front kept yelling to other people “there is no saved seats”. We thought security would just throw her out. Well they did after this happened. Right after my son gives me a high five I heard the brawl start. As soon as I saw her pulling that ladys hair I ran up there to get between the lady and the older people on the row. Then security came and got her and rushed her out of there.

To leave on a postive note. The graduates of Arglinton received a record number of scholarships totaling over 30 million. This is not a depiction of Arlington High School students. Just one parent.

This Fight is Fixed – Dr. Ayo Ajim (Part 1 of 5)

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“This Fight is Fixed” – Dr. Ayo Ajim
Sunday, Aug. 29, 2010

Service Held at:

Grace International Church
Senior Pastors: Dr. Ayo & Alice Ajim
15401 Bellaire Boulevard
Houston, TX 77083

For more info, call: (281) 564-7223
Website info:
Facebook search: “Grace International”

norcal ci2k18 when the fight calls recap full

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full recap of Christmas Institute 2018 “When the Fight Calls”, held at Old Oak Ranch in Sonora, CA from December 26-30, 2018.

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Also, much love to Steph-cious (and other contributors) for footage, pictures and cameos!

North Carolina Hog Farms Spray Manure Around Black Communities; Residents Fight Back

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– In eastern North Carolina, residents are battling with one of the state’s largest industries: hog farms. Last week, North Carolina lawmakers passed House Bill 467, which limits the damages that residents could collect against hog farms. The billion-dollar industry is primarily clustered in the eastern part of the state, where hog farms collect billions of gallons of untreated pig feces and urine in what are essentially cesspools, then dispose of the waste by spraying it into the air. Residents living in the area of the spray complain of adverse health effects and odor so bad that it limits their ability to be outdoors. For more, we speak with Naeema Muhammad, organizing co-director for the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, and Will Hendrick, staff attorney with the Waterkeeper Alliance and manager of the organization’s North Carolina Pure Farms, Pure Waters campaign.

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