Invisible UFOs filmed on night vision security camera pointed at the sky in Cincinnati Ohio

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These UFOs are invisible to the naked eye. I captured them using a Samsung tablet with a
Cam hi app and a cheap Walmart security camera hooked up to my tablet. The camera is pointed at the sky above the neighborhood where I live. Most of the UFO activity is captured in the last 2 minutes of the video. It was a clear night 2 days after the polar vortex. There were no bugs birds or bats flying in the area and there was no known meteor showers at the time this video was taken. There appeared to be nothing in the sky that was visible to the eye while this video was being taken.


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This video was filmed with multiple hidden cameras in the historic Mormon Salt Lake Temple. This is a very typical “prayer circle” which is held at the end of every “endowment” session in Mormon Temples around the globe. [This video was formerly under the title: “Episode 6: Mormon Temple: Inside the Prayer Circle” and does not contain any previously unseen footage.]

Although the prayer part at the end varies a bit, depending on who is giving the prayer, the process with the Masonic “signs and tokens” leading up to the prayer is the same every time.

This video is for educational purposes (as is most of the other videos on this YouTube channel.) Mormon missionaries simply will not tell prospective converts to Mormonism about this ceremony and the heavy influence Freemasonry had on Joseph Smith when he created the “endowment” ceremony, as it is commonly called.

I was born and raised in Mormonism and left in 2002 at the age of 33. I made these videos over ten years AFTER leaving Mormonism. I did so for the purpose of providing this information to potential Mormon converts because the Mormon church refuses to share it with the world. Even a vast majority of Mormons have never seen the ceremony in this video.

So, if you are a Mormon kid, under the age of 18, this is what you have to look forward to in the temple. It’s weird and, frankly, kinda creepy. Your parents do this.

Hey Mormon girls, see those horrible green aprons everyone wears? You wear that when you get married in the temple. So does your husband. The same goes for the silly hats and veils.

Ask your parents why they hide this information from you. They will claim it’s “too sacred” to discuss outside of the temple.

This unprecedented hidden camera project does not come without costs. Help me to increase the size of this project and consider a donation via Paypal to: [email protected]

Forrest Gump Filmed Scenes in Flagstaff 20 Years Ago

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July 10, 2014 — NAZ Today’s Sierra Ferguson takes a trip down memory lane to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of one of the most iconic American movies – Forrest Gump. Ferguson shows the parts of the movie that were actually filmed in Northern Arizona. Twin Arrows and Downtown Flagstaff both had cameos in the production of this film.

NAU FIlm Professor Paul Helford gives his opinion on why the movie is so famous. He says the movie was a technological breakthrough, although subtle.

Flagstaff Film Office’s Heather Ainardi explains that the film production industry is not as active in Flagstaff as it used to be. However, a group of constituents partnered with Northern Arizona University is trying to bring the film industry back to the area.

Most beautiful drone videos ever filmed!!

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Drone video of Germany
Video name: DJI Phantom 2 Epic (Domtoren Utrecht)
Video description: Beautiful video of the Utrecht church tower shot with low lying clouds. The Dom Tower of Utrecht is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands.
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Video link:

Drone videos of England UK
Video description: Incredible video of the English coast line in the United Kingdom with sun over the sea. North Cornwall coast in England, near Newquay.
Video link:
Channel Link:

Drone videos of Norway
Video description: This video is full of the most remarkable clips of Norway in Northern Europe including fjords in and around Stryn, an area on Norway’s western coast including Heim, Alnes, Ålesund, Stryn, Hoddevik.
Channel Name: Kai Jonny Thue Venøy
Channel Link:
Video link:

Drone videos of Thailand
Video description: This video is a great way to see Koh Yao Noi island in Thailand. Koh Yoa, is a group of islands between Phuket and Krabi.
Channel Name: Philip Bloom
Channel Link:
Video link:
Video name: Koh Yao Noi
Gear: GoPro Hero 3+ Phantom 2 with Zen Muse 2 axis gimbal and FPV.
Drone video of thailand

Drone videos of Norway and drone footage Norway
Video description: Aerial footage over sea ice, ice caps and glaciers. Svalbard, is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Midway between continental Norway and the North Pole. Great drone video of Norway
Channel Name and Pilot Name: Peter Cox
Channel Link:
Video link:
Video name: Svalbard – The High Arctic (Ice bergs and arctic)
Gear: GoPro Hero 3+ cameras, one mounted on a DJI Phantom 2 drone.

Drone video African safari and drone footage of Africa
Video name: BeetleCopter in the Serengeti
Video description: This Aerial video captures some of the most beautiful parts of Africa in the wild. The Serengeti is located in north Tanzania and extends to south-western Kenya, and includes Maasai Mara. Drone Videos of Africa are amazing.
Channel Name: Will Burrard-Lucas
Channel Link:
Video link:
Gear: Nightjar: the ultimate GoPro-carrying quadcopter for professional filmmakers.

Drone video of Florida and Drone footage of California
Video description: Great edit with some skilled flying including The Isle of Man, Hawaii, the East Coast of Florida and Winter Park.
Channel Link:
Video link:

Drone video of Alaska
Video description: U.S state of Alaska, over the summer solstice, shot in and around the City of Wrangell. Some of the best drone footage of Alaska.
Channel Link:

Drone video of Indo.
Video description: Epic video of the Mentawai Islands. The Mentawai Islands are off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. Largest islands include Siberut, Sipura, North Pagai and South Pagai. Really is one of the best drone videos of Indonesia ever
Channel Link:
Video link:

Drone video of Mongolia.
Video name: MONGOLIA
Video description: Incredible Aerial video shots of Mongolia, a country in east-central Asia, bordered by Russia and China. Some of the worlds best drone videos of Mongolia.
Channel Name: Tim Browning – Two days on the road, just before the snow. Beautiful country.
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Video link:

St. Peter’s Church, Staten Island, NY Filmed with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision +

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St. Peters Church, New Brighton, Staten Island, NY Built in 1903 Background music by the St. Peter’s Choir composed of 30 boys and 30 men under the direction of Choirmaster & Organist Edward Morand. “Gloria” from the mass of St. Joan of Arc, Recorded in 1963

Mysterious Glowing Sphere Filmed From Train in Desert. East Tucson, Arizona.

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Witness statement as follows:
What could this possibly be? The video starts off shaky (the video was taken from on board a moving train), but the still shots show the sphere a bit better. This video was taken on January 6, 2013
Many thanks to Uncle’s Strange Sightings for allowing me the use of his footage and to see the unedited video please go to
And please check out Uncle’s Strange Sightings channel for more UFO footage at

Napalm Death Milwaukee WI 2018 (fan filmed)

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Clay Beach Holt Norfolk England Filmed in 4K

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clay beach film on dji phantom 4 drone at 23mph in 4k

music (No Fear) magix Fastcut

Clay Beach Holt Norfolk England

This two mile stretch of shingle beach is found about 4 miles north of Holt and 1 mile from Blakeney Point. The beach can be reached by car or via a footpath which passes over the salt marshes.

The beach has exceptional views on either side and is a popular starting point for a walk to Blakeney Point. The walk is best done at low tide. Tidal tables can be purchased cheaply from most of the local shops.

The surrounding land is owned by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, and at busy times there is a charge to park cars. The Cley Marshes Nature Reserve is very popular with birdwatchers, and has a very good visitor centre.

Visitors who are not members of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust can buy tickets to visit the nature reserve from the visitor centre. It’s well worth a trip to the eco-friendly visitor centre, which has a café, gift shop and excellent views over the marshes.
Toilets in the centre, flush using water collected from mosses on the roof and the building generates its own electricity from solar panels as well as a small wind turbine.

Dog walking is not allowed in the reserve, although they are allowed on the shingle beach or on trails to the north of the beach.

Nearby is the beautifully preserved medieval village of Cley-next-to-the-Sea, which –it has to be pointed out- is no longer next to the sea at all. The village has an 18th century windmill, popular with local artists, and one of the loveliest churches in Norfolk – St Margaret’s.
Type of beach


Lifeguard service


Dogs friendly beach?

Dogs allowed

No dog restrictions.

Norfolk dog friendly beaches »



Nearest town



NR25 7RZ

OS grid ref.

TG 0493 4525

Park Avenue Hotel Implosion – Detroit, MI – Filmed by DJI Phantom 2 Drone – Demolition

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Video of the Historic Park Avenue Hotel in Detroit, MI.

Built in 1924, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006. It was also known as Salvation Army Harbor Light Center.

The building is also very well known by the large “Zombieland” graffiti which adorned its top.

The building was acquired by the development arm of Olympia Entertainment and the Detroit Historic District Commission approved its demolition to make room for the loading dock for the New Detroit Arena, which will become the new home of the Detroit Red Wings.

The building was imploded on July 11, 2015.

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