Forensic Files – Season 10, Ep 41: Wood-be Killer

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A killer tried to incinerate and destroy everything that could link him to his crime. But in doing so, he inadvertently created new forensic evidence, evidence which came to light with a technique never before used in a criminal investigation. Originally aired as Season 10, Episode 41.

Stress, Portrait of a Killer – Full Documentary (2008)

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Who Was the BTK Serial Killer?

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He terrorized a Kansas community for decades. A serial killer called himself BTK for bind, torture, and kill, because that’s exactly what he did to his victims. His spree lasted from 1974 to 1991, where he claimed 10 lives, including 2 children. It would take another 14 years for him to be unmasked, but in 2005, people were shocked to learn the killer had been living among them all this time.’s Mara Montalbano ( has more.


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After the friendship between Baton Rouge Cop Shooter / ex- Marine Gavin Long – aka Cosmo – & Independent Black Media Mastermind LanceScurv was discovered by the mainstream media, they wanted to learn firsthand what Cosmo was really like as a person. They apparently didn’t like that Cosmo was held in high regard by Scurv as the highly spiritual very intelligent visionary and author that he was/is on this level that cared about his people and fought this oppressive White Supremacist system with his every ounce of strength and breath.

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Cop Killer Walks Into Court, Shocks Everyone With What ‘Secretly’ Happened To His Face When Cops De

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Cop Killer Walks Into Court, Shocks Everyone With What ‘Secretly’ Happened To His Face When Cops De
Cop Killer Walks Into Court, Shocks Everyone With What ‘Secretly’ Happened To His Face When Cops Delivered Him

When it was cop killer Esteban Carpio’s day in court after taking a police officer’s life, his whole family was there to show support for their beloved thug. As usual, they felt he was the real victim in this case and that he was allegedly defending himself against systematic racism within law enforcement.

Carpio’s family expected to see the solemn face of a man who feels he didn’t deserve to be charged for killing a cop. However, the killer entered the room to gasps when everyone saw his bloody and swollen mug locked in a mask while being delivered to the courtroom by a pair of cops.

His family and friends nearly fainted when they saw the unrecognizable thug stumble into the courtroom which immediately spurred the reaction and screams of “police brutality.” The courtroom devolved into chaos as Carpio’s family began to riot from their seats over what they thought happened to this killer.

The outrage was so bad, that each one of them should’ve been held in contempt of court.

Carpio’s family, friends, and any of his other supporters shouldn’t feel bad for the man with a rearranged face. They should feel bad for the family and friends of Detective James L. Allen whose life was taken away by this thug in a pointless and avoidable situation.
There was no police brutality when Carpio pulled his own gun out on Allen shot him at point blank range. The cop hadn’t even confronted Carpio or presented any threat to the thug other than being a man with a badge.

The two weren’t even at odds when Caprio immediately decided to end Allen’s life and alter the officer’s family forever. Carpio was being questioned about a totally different crime when he appears to have grabbed Allen’s gun unexpectedly and shot him point blank for absolutely no apparent reason.

As is typical with cop killers, but more so in this case, there was literally no point to that crime and no reason this detective had to lose his life.

After Carpio shot Detective Allen with his own weapon, the suspect then tried to escape by jumping out a third story window and hobbling a few blocks away. It’s safe to say his face probably exploded when he hit the ground on his long fall from the third floor. And if he got a few punches and kicks on the way to court, in exchange for killing a cop, then you can say he’s a very lucky guy to have survived. Officers could’ve murdered Esteban Carpio if they wanted to, but they have families to go home to and they know the justice system will do its job. reports:

A white plastic mask obscuring his severely bruised face, Esteban Carpio, the man accused of fatally shooting a Providence detective inside police headquarters early Sunday, was arraigned yesterday on murder charges and ordered held without bail.

Carpio, 26, was charged in Providence District Court with killing Detective James L. Allen with the officer’s gun around 12 a.m. Sunday as the veteran officer questioned him about the stabbing of an 84-year-old woman.

Assistant Attorney General Paul Daly said in court that Carpio grabbed Allen’s pistol in a third-story interview room, shot him twice, blew out a window with another gunshot, and jumped 60 feet to a grassy mound. He was captured after what police described as a violent struggle several blocks away, about 45 minutes later.

Carpio’s relatives gasped when court officers led in the shackled man, his eyes red, swollen slits.

”Oh, my God, look what they did to him,” one of Carpio’s relatives wailed, adding a vulgarity about the police officers.
Look what they did to him? Look what he did to people? What kind of parent are you when your kid murders someone in cold blood and you’re worried about a few black eyes? Had that mother raised a decent child, she wouldn’t have watched him get dealt a life sentence in prison without parole.

Carpio’s busted face in a mask has gone viral on social media and people are outraged that the mother had the nerve to shout police brutality after he murdered a detective and allegedly stabbed an 84-year-old woman.

This is the common response from parents who failed to do their job, “raised” a kid that’s a problem on society, an

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Woman Who Followed Charleston, SC Church Killer – MSNBC

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This is the story of the woman, Debbie Dills, who followed the murderer at the Emanuel AME church in Charleston, SC. What an awesome woman. She followed him for more than 30 miles until police could catch up to him. May God bless her soul.

BTK serial killer reveals what drove him to murder 10 people

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BTK serial killer reveals what drove him to murder 10 people:

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Serial killer Dennis Rader revealed what drove him to murder his 10 victims as he opened up about his brutal crimes and childhood in a previously unheard interview recorded soon after he confessed 13 years ago.Rader, now 73, murdered 10 people, including two children, in Wichita, Kansas over a 17-year stretch between 1974 to 1991.The killer, who called himself BTK for ‘bind, torture and kill’, was arrested in 2005 and is currently serving 10 consecutive life sentences at a Kansas prison.Rader is now the subject of a new Oxygen documentary titled ‘Snapped: Notorious BTK Serial Killer’, which includes the never-before-heard interview he gave to a local television reporter after he confessed to the murders. ‘How could a guy like me, church member, raised a family, go out and do those sort of things?’ he told KAKE-TV reporter Larry Hatteberg in the interview. ‘I want the people of Sedgwick County, the United States and the world to know that I am a serial killer.’He went on to describe what urged him to kill.’I personally think, and I know it’s not very Christian, but I actually think it’s a demon that’s within me,’ he said. ‘At some point and time, it entered me when I was young. And it basically controlled me.’When asked if he had any feelings for his 10 victims, Rader replied: ‘Yes, I do’.’I mean, I have a lot of feelings for them,’ he said. ‘I guess it’s more of an achievement for this object in the hunt. Or sort of more of a high, I guess.’  Rader, who was a former church leader and hid his killings from his wife and two children, also revealed in the interview that he started noticing his dark side back in the eighth grade. He has previously said that lust and a desire for fame and power drove him to murder. . He started communicating with Wichita police detectives via a floppy disk that authorities ended up tracing back to his church. Rader worked with Katherine Ramsland, a forensic psychology professor at DeSales University, to publish a book – ‘Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer’ – about his crimes in 2016. She wrote the book under an agreement that proceeds from its sale goes to the victims’ families trust fund.In it, Rader confessed to having plans to kill an 11th victim by hanging her upside down in her home before he was arrested. Rader wrote three and a half pages of the book about his plans for his last kill. ‘This was supposed to be my opus, my grand finale, and to make it different, I would set the house on fire using propane canisters,’ he wrote.He said he got into the woman’s backyard and knocked on her door, but aborted his plan when a city street crew showed up unexpectedly to work outside the house. Rader planned to kill her the following spring, but was arrested in February 2005.Wichita police detectives who captured Rader in 2005 said they were incensed by the pride he exhibited as he divulged the details about the tortures he planned to inflict on the 11th victim. RELATED
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#BTK, #serial, #killer, #reveals, #drove, #murder, #10, #people

Did Cops Catch The Killer Of 2 Teens Found Dead In Indiana?

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Investigators who’ve been searching for the killer of two Indiana teens murdered while hiking may have a lead in Colorado. Police in El Paso County arrested a man Monday after he allegedly threatened several people with a hatchet, WLS reports. The suspect is a registered sex offender named Daniel Nations. Inside Edition learned the 31-year-old was previously living in Indianapolis, some 70 miles from where 14-year-old Liberty German and Abigail Williams were slain in February.

Seminar Lucifer 042718: Satan The Cold Blooded Killer and Liar! What He Does!

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