Maine Video Production with Sound & Motion presents Maine High School Class A Soccer Highlights 1

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Sound & Motion Productions was on hand Oct 24th in Kennebunk as the Kennebunk High School Boys Soccer team advanced over visiting Deering High School. Griffin Drigotas scored the only regulation goal for Kennebunk, with the victory coming via penalty kicks after 2 scoreless overtime periods. Kennebunk will face Gorham High School on Oct 27th in Gorham, Maine. Let Sound & Motion produce your next video project for you! or 207-283-9191!

Master Production Entertainment – Terror on Church Street

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Atracción/espectáculo que se inauguró en 1991 en Orlando. El espectáculo combina actores en vivo, sets escenográficos, efectos especiales, sensores de última tecnología y una banda sonora original para conseguir la experiencia más terrorífica hasta la fecha. La campaña de promoción de la atracción fue realizada por Anthony Perkins, reconocido actor muy vinculado al género del terror. Más información en:

Jamie Foxx Interviews Sarah Silverman || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

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Sarah Silverman and Jamie Foxx get real about being rejected for roles, comedy, and more in this Grey Goose production. #ad #OffScript

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Using the BlackMagic ATEM Production Studio 4k with Wirecast

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Connect multiple cameras using the BlackMagic ATEM Production Studio 4K into Wirecast. This will help on process time and give you more resources for better videos. An overview of the hardware switcher and it’s features including an overlay option.

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MINI Plant Oxford – Production Highlights

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MINI Plant Oxford has received a top visitor attraction award from the official national tourism agency for England.

The plant, which builds more than 1,000 MINIs each day, has been recognised by VisitEngland with a ‘Best Told Story Accolade’ for its factory tour, which gives visitors a behind the scenes look at how this iconic British car is made.

Introduced by VisitEngland in 2014, the accolades are available to attractions that are part of the Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme and are allocated through a scoring system based on an annual unannounced assessment. They recognise attractions that ‘go the extra mile to provide a high quality day out.’

With a dedicated team of tour guides, MINI Plant Oxford welcomed well over 21,000 visitors from all over the world last year to see how a new car is built here every 67 seconds. The VisitEngland accolade builds on the TripAdvisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’ awarded to the team in September.

Frank Bachmann, Managing Director of MINI Plant Oxford, said: “We’re privileged to welcome so many people to get a closer look at how MINIs are made and our tour guides and staff pride themselves on making those experiences special. Huge congratulations to everyone on the plant tours team – this award is testament to all of their hard work and dedication.”

Andra Pirvu, Project Manager for MINI Plant Oxford tours, said: “Achieving a Visit England accolade is something that everyone on the team is extremely proud of. Telling the story of the plant is central to what we do and so to be recognised in the ‘Best Told Story’ category is fantastic news.”

MINI Plant tour guide and former plant worker, Terry Stringer, said: “As someone who worked here for so long it’s been fascinating to see how the plant has changed and developed to become such a global success story. We now have many thousands of people from all around the world coming to see us and we try to give them the best experience we possibly can. I guess this award is a recognition of everyone’s work over the past year.”

MINI Plant Oxford is a member of VisitEngland’s Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme, which represents a wide range of tourism experiences across England, from museums and galleries, farm attractions, historic houses and gardens to churches, cathedrals and country parks.

St. Francis Xavier Church | | Nonprofit Video Production

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Baerclaw Productions,, is a full service video production company in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 1997, the Baerclaw Productions team has produced corporate videos, web videos, training videos, sales videos, training videos, testimonial videos, award videos, new product launch videos, television programming, infomercials, documentaries, green screen videos, nonprofit videos, commercials and PSA’s. If you have a need for video production, let us be Your Resource For ALL Things Video! Ready to use the power of video to share your story with the world? Give us a call at 602-789-8396 for a free consultation.

Teacher Arrested Child Porn Production Distribution, 200 Movies 70 Children – El Paso Texas

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Sept 30, 2010. Teacher on more than 200 tapes having sex with kids, police say.

Prosecutors: Irvin High Teacher Depicted in Homemade Child Porn Movies. Prosecutors now say Irvin High School dance teacher Marco Alferez had homemade videos depicting him engaging in sex acts with little girls. Police say they found child porn on Alferez’ home computer and tonight, as we have dug into his background, more disturbing evidence has come to light.
Prosecutors say that Alferez tried to hide a camera with a T-shirt and then taped himself having sex with children. They think the youngest victim may be in elementary school.
“I was kind of worried about her,” said Irene Calderon. Her daughter had Alferez as a dance teacher last year. She said she was always wary of leaving her alone with him. “I came to three rehearsals and I saw how he was treating the girls and everything, but I never left my daughter by herself or anything,” she said.
We’re told prosecutors found 140 homemade videos on his computer with as many as seventy victims. They’re not sure if the victims are from El Paso, but they do know Alferez was uploading the videos to the internet and sharing them.
EPISD tells us they did run a background check on Alferez and found no criminal history. But some parents think that isn’t enough.
We’re told Alferez was also a choreographer for Viva El Paso, and though the organization had no comment, we did find credits with his name on their Wikipedia site. We also found a YouTube video possibly of one of Alferez’ performances at an El Paso church.
Parents at Irvin High, meanwhile, are shook up, hoping none of their children could be victims of Alferez. “Be aware of what’s going on and talk to your children,” Dogoli said. “It is scary because you think, well I left my girl with him you know,” Calderon said.
Prosecutors also say they found 98 so-called commercial videos depicting child pornography on his computer. They will have 30 days to present their evidence to a grand jury.

Sept 24, 2010. Irvin High Dance Teacher Allegedly Downloaded Child Porn “For Several Years”. Newschannel 9 is learning more about what led to the arrest of an Irvin High School dance teacher on child porn charges this week.
The document describes, in detail, three videos containing child porn that 34-year-old Marco Alferez allegedly downloaded onto his computer.
According to the document, Alferez also told investigators he’s been downloading child porn for several years using the file sharing software Limewire.
The feds arrested Marco this week after linking his IP address to the sharing of three videos allegedly containing child porn.
According to the criminal complaint, the first video is 2 minutes and 21 seconds long. It shows a prepubescent girl exposing herself to the camera.
The second video “…depicts 2 completely nude prepubescent females on a bed, bent over…” It gets too graphic to describe after that. The video is 6 minutes long.
The last video shows a girl lying on a bed being molested by a man and “…the child is observed struggling with the adult male in an attempt to avoid being molested.” This video is also 6 minutes long.
Alferez’s arrest came as part of an ongoing child porn investigation known as Operation Predator.

Link for Full Affidavit – We must warn you the depictions written are explicit

Affidavit: Teacher Admits To Having Child Porn For Several Years, Sept 23, 2010.

How I See OKC | Oklahoma Video Production

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“How I See OKC | Oklahoma Video Production”

(405) 535-0521

For the second year in a row, Upward Transitions partnered with the Curbside Chronicle to put homeless and photo journalists together to capture how the homeless see Oklahoma City.

I’m really pleased at how this piece came out. I feel it shines a light on how the homeless see us as opposed to our view of them.

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Video production made with pride in Oklahoma.

Public service announcement PSA video production Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe Mesa Arizona

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This is a video produced by Baerclaw Productions, a full-service video production company in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 1997, the Baerclaw Productions team has produced corporate videos, web videos, training videos, sales videos, training videos, testimonial videos, award videos, new product launch videos, television programming, infomercials, documentaries, green screen videos, nonprofit videos, commercials and PSA’s. If you have a need for video production, let us be Your Resource For ALL Things Video!

Afshin Yaghtin’s “house church” is a production studio

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Excerpt from sermon “Every Man did that which was Right in his Own Eyes – Judges 17 Bible study”, preached by Pastor Donnie Romero from Stedfast Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas, on 07/13/2016.

Pastor Romero exposes Afshin Yaghtin, a self-proclaimed pastor of a home “church” which is in fact a studio.

Afshin started out as a huge fan of Pastor Anderson and preaching against sodomy, and other unpopular doctrines, and gathered a following, only to turn against Pastor Anderson and other fellow pastors, and now is devoted to preach against everything they stand for.
Afshin Yaghtin is not even the pastor of a legitimate church, but rather a self-proclaimed “home church”.

Afshin Yaghtin exposed by Pastor Steven anderson:

Afshin Yaghtin: Doubleminded & Doubletongued

Stedfast Baptist Church

“Every Man did that which was Right in his Own Eyes – Judges 17” full sermon

What Does It Take For Church Production?

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David Jehle, Owner of Good Stewards Productions, discusses what it would take to begin video production of your church services, and how it can be much more simple and inexpensive than most people think. Part of a series, found at